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the morning cram [theft for tots edition]

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The Show Must Go On…

NPR reports that Iowa residents saw no reprieve in political ads over the holiday weekend

Kentucky ~ Deputy judge-executive makes bid for Paducah mayor. Chemical spill shuts down the junction of the I-24/Purchase Parkway junction. Police notified of toys missing from Southside store.

Illinois ~ State to create independent tax appeal tribunal.

Tennessee ~ Fort Campbell Solider shot, seriously wounded, in California hometown.

Written by Rose K-P

December 26, 2011 at 11:15 am

morning cram (earth day edition)

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mother (earth) lover.

If you pollute, Captain Planet will find you.

KY~ We reached our public radio fundraising goal this morning. Storm’s a comin’ (this weekend). Paducah halfway house escapees: 3 down, 1 to go. Tragic teen’s mushroom friend  is out of jail.  Calloway County has 4 superintendent finalists and its former Sheriff’s building sells for $71k. A Fort Campbell soldier is awarded the Silver Star. An antivirus glitch screws up school computers across the state.

TN~ A bill that could let the Governor circumvent the Attorney General’s office is making progress. Republicans (obviously) oppose removing tax cap.

IL~ 15k strong march FOR state income tax.

SPORTS~ (OVC baseball) MSU < SIU, UTM < LU; (OVC softball) APSU < UK.