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morning cram [hurt feet edition]

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Foot pain is a major problem that affects nearly a third of all US adults and women report nearly twice as much foot pain as men.

~NPR hears many tend to live with the pain instead of seeing a specialist.

KENTUCKY~ 2nd District State Senate Poll: Leeper/Smith statistically tied.  A Murray woman’s murder trial gets pushed back until next year and a fatal weekend wreck claims a Murray man’s life. Grand Rivers’ Vulcan Material workers opt to not unionize. A Paducah gun store owner is court-ordered to recall modified shotguns. A Hopkinsville teen accused of murdering a youth sports coach will appear in court today. Jack and Rand argue  at a U of L debate.

TENNESSEE~ More campaign money is being raised and spent in the 8th district than any other. Hemlock Semiconductor’s job fair draws hundreds of multi-state applicants a year ahead of the Clarksville plant’s opening.

NCAA~ (Football) APSU < SEMO & UTM > EKU. (Soccer) MSU > UTM, MhSU > APSU > EKU, UTM > APB.

morning cram [mined edition]

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The men began emerging like clockwork from the depths of a mine that could easily have been their tomb. They jubilantly embraced their wives, children and rescue workers, looking remarkably composed after languishing underground for 69 days.

~NPR covers the successful rescue effort at Chile’s San Jose Mine amid a torrent of press.

KENTUCKY~ Grand Rivers’ Vulcan Materials workers could unionize. Mayfield’s Zoning Board will take (yet another) look at a permit request for a downtown mosque. A Mayfield man is arrested in McCracken County for a DUI hit and run. The Paducah Sun has it that an Oklahoma city administrator will likely be Paducah’s new city manager. Paducah city commissioners will vote next week to keep property taxes the same. If given the shot, Rand Paul would kill the IRS and the federal income tax.

TENNESSEE~ Murder, kidnapping & suicide in Clarksville (Oh my!). State sales tax revenue grew again last month. Early voting begins.