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morning cram [surreal edition]

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Foreign journalists in Libya are facing increased government pressure.

NPR hears how the media’s situation in Tripoli has become ever more sinister and weird.

KENTUCKY~ Earlington voters end prohibition. A 5-car wreck this morning shut down KY-58. McCracken County authorities search for a knife-wielding robber. MSU’s Curris Center will be back open today after things got a little steamy. The Madisonville-North Hopkins County High School band is invited to play @ New York’s Carnegie Hall. Oak Grove’s longtime police chief gets fired. The (acclaimed) editor of the Madisonville Messenger is retiring. Lower temps may stave off some tree pollen-caused allergies. The state will pick up your tab if you take the GED.

TENNESSEE~ A Houston County fire station burns to the ground (irony!?). One proposed bill wants to add an extra tax to soft drink sales, and another wants to protect teachers (who allow students to decry theories of evolution).


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morning cram [confident edition]

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In the face of strong opposition from members of his own party, President Obama remains confident lawmakers will (eventually) approve the tax cut deal he negotiated with congressional Republicans.

~NPR sits down with the President.

KENTUCKY~ (About to be Ex-)Senator Jim Bunning waves goodbye to his DC buds.  (Still) Senator Mitch McConnell has a new Chief of Staff. A man tries to stab himself in court. McCracken County Schools finally have a contractor for a consolidated high school, construction soon. Murray State’s students are get diplomas tomorrow. The state’s preserving history, and  it’s gonna be coooold this weekend.

TENNESSEE ~ McKenzie’s downtown gets pretty. Governor Bredesen says “no” to a special session.

ILLINOIS ~ Folks learn about health care exchanges through a webinar.

SPORTS ~ UT Martin < Vanderbilt.

morning cram (burn the ocean edition)

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They’re s’posed to strike a match around noonish.

KY~ Paducah’s cool with Sunday alcohol sales at temporary events and may spend $1m on new vehicles. Police bust the (alleged) culprits who burgled Heath High and Middle Schools. MSU procrastinates on the domestic partner debate. Expect delays on I-24 near Paducah today. Christian County’s Emergency Manager is retiring and their health department hopes to construct a $2.5m annex. We’ll find out today who will oversee elections since Sec ‘o State Trey is in the running. Beshear will call the General Assembly back when he darn well feels like it.

TN~ Montgomery County Schools will request a property tax hike. Henry County nabs over $1m in Race to the Top funds. A proposed law that would close access to a list of who can carry loaded handguns has (probably) failed. The Senate is about to vote on a bill that admittedly does nothing>25 MPH speeders could face $500 tickets.

IL~ African-American students may be more likely to be suspended/expelled than whites.

OVC SPORTS~ (Baseball) MSU < OleMiss, APSU > Vandy; (Softball) UTM > EU.

morning cram (basketball, really? edition)

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Obama picks MSU to beat Vandy in California today.. watch @ 1:30pm (central).

KY~ Paducah man (allegedly) broke into 8 area homes. No death penalty for (alleged) Fort Campbell arson mom. UK Basketball offers new fodder for US Senate campaign attack ads. Judges can now order domestic violence offenders wear GPS tracking devices. Senators will vote on contract transparency bill.

TN~ Paris Schools have a new snow day plan.

morning cram (dreamy edition)

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KY~ Heath High shooter’s quest for an appeal hearing may be delayed. Alleged Amish/Mennonite thief has 56 charges leveled against him. Worker’s comp insurance group has an extra $154m; makes Beshear’s mouth water. Your Census is in the mail. Racers set to play Vandy in Cali.

TN~ Henry Co. Commissioners may change up who oversees juvenile/probate cases.

Written by Chris Taylor

March 15, 2010 at 8:46 am