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morning cram (basketball, really? edition)

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Obama picks MSU to beat Vandy in California today.. watch @ 1:30pm (central).

KY~ Paducah man (allegedly) broke into 8 area homes. No death penalty for (alleged) Fort Campbell arson mom. UK Basketball offers new fodder for US Senate campaign attack ads. Judges can now order domestic violence offenders wear GPS tracking devices. Senators will vote on contract transparency bill.

TN~ Paris Schools have a new snow day plan.

Conway Interview at a Glance

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So, how was Jack Conway you ask? It seems Attorney General Conway  overall, plays the conservative Democrat role.

Specifically he thinks big banks need to be regulated. He seems to be on board with President Obama’s plan to prevent banks from involving in risky(ier) investments. You know, that plan that was associated with market’s relative tank last week.

On health care, Conway doesn’t want to be associated with one camp or the other. He claims to be neither Pelosi/Reid or McConnell, Boehner. He’s pro competition among insurance companies.

Surprisingly, Conway’s stance on Afghanistan isn’t that of surge surge surge, but more Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan.  He thinks more of the billions of dollars headed to aide in our Afghanistan conflict should be redirected to Pakistan.

On Campaign Money: Conway is doing just fine in his fund-raising endeavors, so is his major competitor, Lieutenant Governor Dr. Daniel Mongiardo. Conway, though, is currently polling higher.

On Democrats: The Massachusetts upset sent shiver’s down his spine, but he expected it.  He says he actually welcomed it. Conway says he thinks the Democratic Party needs reform, and that is platform on which he is running.

We’ll see how it goes.  I’m still waiting on my shot with the Lieutenant Governor.

And since you took the time to read this whole blog. How about a fun/odd video to top things off:

Written by Chad Lampe

January 25, 2010 at 12:11 pm