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the morning cram [nuclear wasteland edition]

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In Sweden, nuclear waste disposal sites have become tourist attractions.

NPR reports that the Swedish nuclear industry has taken its toxic waste sites from protested hidden facilities to scientific field trip locations.

Kentucky~ A Paducah kid won another karate contest (I wouldn’t mess with him). Lanes are closed on US 45 in Paducah. Daviess County is becoming more disabled friendly. More Post Office closings are predicted (say it ain’t so Ms. Cleo). Guardsman Miller gets life for murder. Jack Conway is suing Daymar for screwing college kids.

Tennessee~ A man is crossing the nation on horseback (WHOA NELLY!). Blue Cross Blue Shield says stolen info hasn’t been used.

morning cram [nato slackers edition]

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“American soldiers — and even private contractors — are spearheading the effort to build an Afghan army and police force, so American and NATO troops can one day leave. But Pentagon officials and military officers say NATO nations still aren’t doing enough.”

~NPR hears this is beginning to annoy US lawmakers.

KENTUCKY~ Reidland-Farley is finally rid of that confounded fire-rescue boat. WKCTC accepts a gracious half-mil gift from a late Paducah couple. Police arrest three for (allegedly) trafficking meth in Paducah. Constructing a bridge linking Livingston and McCracken counties could begin this month. Christian County blames school bus routing problems for some students getting home hours late and a virus is ravaging a Hopkinsville elementary school. Corn and soybean harvests are predicted to pale compared to last year’s. Judge: lawmakers illegally transferred worker’s comp funds.

TENNESSEE~ It’s now okay again to ship cigarettes to soldiers abroad. Clarksville High’s head football coach resigns after hazing allegations emerge.

morning cram [quagmire edition]

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“Top politicians have been kidnapped and killed. Massacres of more than a dozen people have become common. And last month, a car bomb exploded in Juarez.”

~NPR reports the violence has no end in sight (1/5).

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County school officials will pay a motivational speaker $16k to improve teachers’ classroom skills. Several area parks get state grant$. Kentucky Utility electricity bills go up by +$7. Another Fort Campbell hero dies abroad and the 101st applies lessons learned from May’s Cumberland River flooding to flooding in eastern Afghanistan. State Police destroy outdoor pot farms (+$1mil worth).

TENNESSEE~ Police: Fort Campbell soldier lied about his identity, then faked a seizure. Clarksville launches ( to track its development. FEMA report: seniors were hardest hit by flooding.

ILLINOIS~ A Metropolis-born filmmaker gets featured on a postage stamp.