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Datebook: November 14 – Father of Modern Histology and Pathology Turns 240

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Marie François Xavier Bichat was born on November 14, 1771 (and died July 22, 1802). He was a French anatomist and physiologist best remembered as the father of modern histology and pathology. Despite the fact that he worked without a microscope he was able to advance greatly the understanding of the human body. He was the first to introduce the notion of tissues as distinct entities. He maintained that diseases attacked tissues rather than whole organs. Bichat died at the age of 31 from a fever following an unexplained fall down a set of stairs.

It’s Monday, November 14

The League of Women Voters conducts a forum on Homelessness in Hopkinsville at the Salvation Army Worship Center on Clay Street tomorrow night at 6. Learn about the services of the Aaron McNeil House, the Salvation Army, the Pennyroyal Mental Health Center and the Pennyroyal Veterans Shelter for the Homeless.

Adsmore House and Gardens of Princeton is decorated for the holidays, in its 25th anniversary of recreating Christmas Eve 1901 with decorations, music on the graphophone, and the table set with best china. Adsmore is at 304 North Jefferson in Princeton, open Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 4 and Sunday 1:30 to 4.

This week University of Louisville’s Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin lectures at Murray State from his recent publication “The Prince of Evolution.” It’s about Russian Prince Peter Kropotkin, an early international celebrity whose interests were anarchism and the cooperation between animals and humans. The Dugatkin lecture starts at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Mason Hall Auditorium.

See details at, where there’s a world of information. Thanks.

the morning cram [end of an era edition]

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The space shuttle Atlantis has landed at Kennedy Space center ending a 30-year era in travel beyond our world.

NPR gives a minute by minute breakdown of Atlantis’ journey back into the atmosphere and back to earth.

Kentucky~ Home invaders are not attempted murderers. An alleged war-hating, child-porn-loving soldier is AWOL. From a Jewish and Catholic hospital merger in Louisville arises concern. Parts of Nunn’s files will be made public.

Illinois~ The union is set to vote on a Honeywell agreement.

morning cram [anxious egypt edition]

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Political parties in Egypt are frantically trying to organize, register and make themselves known before elections this fall.

NPR reports a short timeline and lawlessness are making some consider postponing the revolution.

KENTUCKY~ Primaries take place today, so go vote! (unless you’re an independent). Your officials say they’re watching out for voter fraud. Paducah is taking down (some of) its floodgatesMore roads are drivable as water levels continue to fall and workers will be inspecting the Smithland Bridge on Thursday (expect delays). A 6-year-old dies in a Carlisle County bus wreck. FEMA officials will kick off a statewide earthquake exercise. Ag officials want you to get rid of standing water because of mosquito concerns. Todd County gets $500k to renovate an Elkton building. Nothing was resolved @ yesterday’s Marathon Oil price gouging hearing. The Commonwealth is pumping out the degrees.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville Police are investigating a home invasion/homicide and that sinkhole on Cumberland Drive was caused by a busted water main.

Datebook: March 21 – World Poetry Day

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It’s Monday, March 21

Murray’s Second Ever Trolley and Bike Gallery Hop is Friday evening from 6 to 9.  Visit 7 locations and 8 exhibitions with no admission or trolley fees.  Pick up the trolley at any participating exhibition space including the Murray Art Guild, Gallery 109, Red Bug on Third, the Miller Conference Center, Clara M. Eagle Gallery, the Curris Center Gallery or Fidalgo Bay.

Hear University of Louisville faculty members – double bassist Sydney King and pianist Krista Wallace-Boaz – in concert Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in Murray State’s Performing Arts Hall.  Their program features original works written for double bass and piano.

2011 Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Training classes are offered Thursday through Sunday.  Instruction is Thursday 5-9, Friday 5-9, Saturday 8-5, Sunday 1-8.  Certification affords participants 5 weeks of summer teaching opportunities.  To register call the Calloway County Red Cross at 270-753-1421.

As game-changing events occur around the world, keep current with, a news portal for information about our region and beyond.  Thanks for listening and for contributing.

morning cram [stop time edition]

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After an almost three-week break, the Senate is back in session today where official legislative time has ground to a halt in order for Democrats to propose changes to the rules.

NPR reports today is actually January 5th (in the chamber).

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County moves to sue Paducah over its latest land grab. Calloway Circuit Court hears a load of guilty pleas in several cases: shooting, DUI-fatality and home invasion. Transportation officials are hosting a public meeting tonight in Madisonville over a controversial road-widening proposal. Area schools ponder how to make-up snow days. A UofL panel discussion recommends politicians should avoid divisive rhetoric. Some 1k Fort Campbell soldiers are due home this week.

TENNESSEE~ A newly introduced bill would allow school districts to ignore teacher’s unions. In Men’s Basketball: UTM > SIU-E.

ILLINOIS~ Metropolis wants to license local strippers.

morning cram [g20 edition]

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NPR reports world leaders are confronted with intensifying friction over currencies and trade at back-to-back summits in Asia aimed at safeguarding the still fragile global recovery.

KENTUCKY~ You can salute veterans tomorrow in Paducah during their parade. Paducah’s portable bathrooms are expected to cost +$17ok and officials vote next week on extending the city limits. A McCracken County jury convicts a bank robber. Two Ballard County escapees are captured in Cairo, IL (hours after breaking out). MSU trounces Freed-Hardeman. State Senator Pendleton of Hopkinsville is in the hospital (again). The University of Louisville kicks off its biggest fundraiser ever.

TENNESSEE~ A Camden couple pleads guilty to a stab and stash. Gov-elect Haslam appoints his top campaign consultant to oversee January’s administration transition.

morning cram [finders keepers edition]

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The Justice Department is proposing to overturn 30 years of legal precedent by sharply limiting patents on genes.

~NPR reports the government surprised just about everyone when it suggested this change of policy in a court filing last week.

KENTUCKY~ The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is on winter hours. Smithland’s gone damp and the historic Gower House may end up a ‘frontier’ restaurant. Hopkinsville plans to be bigger come January. US-60 work starts today in Union County. What’s ahead for state lawmakers? Budget tweaks, school reforms and redistricting (oh my!). Poll: Almost half of Paul supporters don’t party with the Tea. Want to run for office in 2011? Filing deadlines are set.

TENNESSEE~ Study: Clarksville cops are underpaid.

ILLINOIS~ Brady won’t concede to Quinn in Governor race.

morning cram [smelling light edition]

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Scientists have genetically altered mice to be able to smell light.

~NPR reports the experiments are making us understand precisely how our brains distinguish one odor from another and could lead to breakthroughs in curing diseases.

KENTUCKY~ Two men plead guilty to a Farley drive-by. McCracken Co. Sheriff: Taking campaign signs is illegal. A 6-time Olympic gold medalist will give a guest lecture @ MSU tomorrow night. Not going to be around this election? Cast an absentee ballot. Rand Paul may not debate Conway on KET. Kentucky’s National Guard has exceeded its recruitment goals. Fort Campbell breaks ground for constructing a new chapel. The state sues the EPA over coal permits.

TENNESSEE~ An equestrian horse was found shot at a UT Martin pasture. Montgomery County schools are experiencing an unanticipated influx of elementary students.

ILLINOIS~ USW workers will lose benefits before returning to talks with Honeywell Corp.

morning cram [sleepy fat kids edition]

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A new study finds a good, long night’s sleep may be just as important as diet and physical activity for infants and preschoolers.

~ NPR hears children getting less sleep are nearly twice as likely to become overweight.

KENTUCKY~ Car vs horse buggy injures 3 (one’s a toddler). A man gets stabbed after chasing down a suspected thief. Fort Campbell’s private family housing is rebranding itself. A former Paducah Tilghman student now plays on the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad. Officials warn the weather is ripe for wildfires!

TENNESSEE~ Paris finds out its new sewers won’t cost as much as first thought.

ILLINOIS~ While United Steelworkers claim to have heard an explosion at Metropolis’ Honeywell hexafluoride plant, company officials explain the event was ‘normal.’ Governor Quinn is replacing the head of the state’s Dept. of Corrections.

morning cram [tough drill edition]

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“The easy oil is gone… we’re going to have to dig deeper into the earth, farther offshore, farther north into the Arctic. We’re relying on these extreme energy situations.”

~NPR talks to author Michael Klare about the world oil picture.

KENTUCKY~ Murray’s hospital is searching for a new CEO. The Commonwealth’s share of a Johnson & Johnson drug marketing lawsuit is $75mil. Beshear’s Republican competition in next year’s governor race will embrace Tea Party values. UofL Coach Rick Pitino testifies against his former fling and (alleged) extorter. Unemployment checks are on the way.

TENNESSEE~ Convicted rapist Bruce ‘Big Belly’ Tuck sues the Shelby County Sheriff.

ILLINOIS~ Locked out Honeywell workers are approved for unemployment benefits. Promoting Southern Illinois tourism is now a thing of the past.