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the morning cram [America’s greatest athlete edition]

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Jim Thorpe is arguably the greatest American athlete to ever live, and battle is ensuing over his long-buried remains.

NPR reports the body of Jim Thorpe is buried at the Carlisle Indian School, but some do not feel his gravesite receives the respect it deserves.

Kentucky~ Paducah has plans to for a new downtown hotel. An environmental group wants the Gov’s help with rare birds. Gov Beshear is in a place even hotter than here, Iraq. The Board of Education is reviewing an overhaul. The state has a new way to calculate graduation rates.

Illinois~ The Honeywell agreement is in (well that didn’t take very long).

the morning cram [Gang of Six edition]

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The so-called ‘Gang of Six’ presented their proposal to Senate members yesterday, and hope abounds that it may appeal across party lines.

NPR reports a bi-partisan group of six senators has developed a proposal for raising the debt ceiling, cutting the deficit, and raising revenue that is getting positive reviews across the board.

Kentucky~ Men charged with attempted murder say “it wasn’t me”. Calloway County is getting emergency funds. Homebuyers, Hopkinsville wants you. Many downtown areas look at revitalization. Corn is growing strong.

Tennessee~ International businesses, Clarksville wants you.

Illinois~ Honeywell and union have reached an agreement (WHA?!?!).

morning cram [smelling light edition]

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Scientists have genetically altered mice to be able to smell light.

~NPR reports the experiments are making us understand precisely how our brains distinguish one odor from another and could lead to breakthroughs in curing diseases.

KENTUCKY~ Two men plead guilty to a Farley drive-by. McCracken Co. Sheriff: Taking campaign signs is illegal. A 6-time Olympic gold medalist will give a guest lecture @ MSU tomorrow night. Not going to be around this election? Cast an absentee ballot. Rand Paul may not debate Conway on KET. Kentucky’s National Guard has exceeded its recruitment goals. Fort Campbell breaks ground for constructing a new chapel. The state sues the EPA over coal permits.

TENNESSEE~ An equestrian horse was found shot at a UT Martin pasture. Montgomery County schools are experiencing an unanticipated influx of elementary students.

ILLINOIS~ USW workers will lose benefits before returning to talks with Honeywell Corp.

morning cram [cyber battle edition]

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Professional militaries around the world train with the rules of war in mind, recognizing that abiding by them works to their benefit as much as to the enemy’s. So, it’s no surprise many legal experts, diplomats and military commanders are now debating how to extend the law of war to cyberspace.

~NPR reports it’s unclear how existing treaties and conventions would apply in this new domain of conflict.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah could have a new city manager early next month and will pay Greyhound Bus Lines $12k to stay for 5 more years. A h0meless man is under arrest after allegedly stealing frozen chicken from a McCracken County mission. A Calvert City plastics plant will pay $800k in pollution fines. State House Republicans claim if given control in November the legislature would be more responsive and accountable.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville greenlights revamping 3rd Street to include a bike lane. A plane crashes on Kentucky Lake near Paris Landing leaving pilots unscathed.

ILLINOIS~ The Honeywell nuclear materials plant in Metropolis will require union workers to be re-trained if negotiations ever pan out next month.

morning cram [taxilicious edition]

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The income tax is only part of the picture. There are property taxes, sales taxes and even taxes built into every cell phone bill.

~NPR documents how almost a quarter of one American family’s income goes to taxes.

KENTUCKY~ Four MSU faculty vie for a position on the school’s Board of Regents, citing  salaries as a top priority. A Nashville-based pro-Islamic group wants to break the ice between Mayfield and local Somali Muslims (who were recently denied a permit to build a mosque there). A Providence man dies in a car wreck. Hopkinsville opts to freeze its property taxes this year. Burn bans are in effect across the region (not in Calloway County though). A Fort Campbell captain died in Afghanistan. The state plans to scale back its public flu prevention campaign. Can Kentucky execute?

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County commissioners will vote next week on whether or not to fund building a new airport terminal. A Clarksville city councilman gets fined for ethics violations. A report finds TVA’s massive coal ash spill barely endangered the public health.

ILLINOIS~ Nuclear regulators continue to monitor the Honeywell plant.

morning cram [sleepy fat kids edition]

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A new study finds a good, long night’s sleep may be just as important as diet and physical activity for infants and preschoolers.

~ NPR hears children getting less sleep are nearly twice as likely to become overweight.

KENTUCKY~ Car vs horse buggy injures 3 (one’s a toddler). A man gets stabbed after chasing down a suspected thief. Fort Campbell’s private family housing is rebranding itself. A former Paducah Tilghman student now plays on the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad. Officials warn the weather is ripe for wildfires!

TENNESSEE~ Paris finds out its new sewers won’t cost as much as first thought.

ILLINOIS~ While United Steelworkers claim to have heard an explosion at Metropolis’ Honeywell hexafluoride plant, company officials explain the event was ‘normal.’ Governor Quinn is replacing the head of the state’s Dept. of Corrections.

morning cram [rip ted edition]

leave a comment »“The gruesome details of the airplane crash that killed Ted Stevens and four others emerge as investigators work to figure out how the plane crashed into a mountain during a fishing trip. Three teenagers and their parents were on the plane, including the former head of NASA.”

~NPR hears how weather may have played a role in the crash.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah announces surprise savings on its bond refinancing and votes next week to hire a new city manager. (Another) Paducah pastor is accused of stealing: this time from an elderly woman. Police ID a Calloway County couple thought to be a murder-suicide. The Regional US Census Bureau pats the Commonwealth’s back for participating. Rand Paul tells Sean Hannity last weekend’s Fancy Farm stumping event was a wild affair, packed with beer-throwing and booing partisan picnickers.

TENNESSEE~ The state’s Agriculture Commissioner is now a senior adviser for the McWherter (for governor) camp.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell Corp and United Steelworkers disagree (yet) again. A metropolis man wanted on child sex crime charges makes Fox’s America’s Most Wanted list.