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morning cram [blame edition]

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The National Commission on BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is pulling no punches assigning blame for the explosion last April.

~An official tells NPR that BP, Transocean and Halliburton all made baffling decisions which played a role in the disaster.

KENTUCKY~ Hundreds of dead birds were found last week near MSU. Mayfield’s leaders plan an all day summit Saturday. McCracken County’s court systems get a liaison. Oak Grove bans public smoking. Gov. Beshear is far outpacing the GOP contenders in fundrai$ing. A Senate committee clears a bill aiming to reward math and science teachers for students’ AP high scores, another approves a tax code improvement initiative, and a Lexington lawmaker proposes toughening the state’s ethics law.

TENNESSEE~ A bunch of TVA industrial customers gripe about ‘worse than ridiculous‘ rates.


morning cram [less ladies edition]

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This year’s election will probably be the first time in 30 years that the number of women serving in Congress declines.

~NPR reports ironically it began as a banner year for female candidates, with more running in party primaries than ever before.

KENTUCKY~ The US Army Corps of Engineers wants to know what you think about plans to fix up Paducah’s Floodwall. Calloway County officials will review an ordinance today that will issue a $25 million loan for a local chemical company to expand. The state budget may see a surplus. Republican gains in the state senate may change up the horse industry’s gameplan to bring video lottery terminals at race tracks. Governor Beshear declares a drought-driven state of emergency and orders flags to half today.

TENNESSEE~ Police arrest 2 men for last week’s murder. TVA’s board votes to give the CEO a 10% raise.

ILLINOIS~ Democrats are not calling for a vote on Governor Quinn’s pension borrowing plans.

SPORTS~ (Women’s Soccer) APSU > MSU; (Men’s Basketball) APSU > CMU.

morning cram [chicken egg edition]

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“Eggs have been getting a bad rap lately as the number of people being made sick by eggs contaminated with salmonella continues to rise. But from an egg’s point of view all of this is a bit unfair. Eggs get contaminated because the hen that’s laying them is infected.”

~NPR hears eggs themselves are usually remarkably resistant to contamination.

KENTUCKY~ Police search for a west McCracken burglar/ATM user. 5 more Fort Campbell heroes die in Afghanistan. WK&T gets a share of a $123mil federal stimulus grant for extending its broadband service. State officials keep tight-lipped on details of who they’re going to layoff.  Rand Paul backs off his claims he can eliminate the US federal deficit in < 1 year.

TENNESSEE~ Officials ID a Dover fisherman found drowned in Kentucky Lake. Lawyers plan to grill TVA’s CEO over the 2008 coal ash spill.

ILLINOIS~ Massac County worries it may not be able to pay its bills (state’s fault). Metropolis’ hospital will benefit from outpatient Medicaid reimbursements.

morning cram [bacteria edition]

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“There are some encouraging signs from the Gulf of Mexico that bacteria are consuming the underwater oil plume from the broken BP well.”

~NPR hears there is no shortage of surprises from a microbial point of view.

KENTUCKY~ Mayfield denies a proposed mosque citing parking issues to cheers from crowds wearing Christian T-shirts; petitioners have about a month to appeal. Paducah’s Convention Center board wants to sell the naming rights to the Expo Center for $275k. 2 Christian County School employees are credited for thwarting an attempted child abduction. Beshear makes KCHIP (health insurance) premiums a thing of the past. TVA plans to shutdown a McCracken County coal power plant unit and possibly replace it with a biomass operation. An Illinois fishing company wants to build an Asian Carp processing plant in Wickliffe. What went wrong with the Commonwealth’s bid for federal Race to the Top funds!?

TENNESSEE~ 2 Clarksville Police officers’ slander lawsuit is dismissed, but will (probably) be refiled.

ILLINOIS~ After sobbing over not winning Race to the Top money, the state will press on with school reforms.