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the morning cram [10 years of Patriot Act edition]

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Ten years after it’s signing, the Patriot Act is still controversial.

NPR reports that on the tenth anniversary of President George W. Bush’s Patriot Act, Americans still disagree about whether or not it violates their right to privacy.

Kentucky~ Paducah property taxes go up (a little bit). Paducah Middle’s Walker moves to the district office under scrutiny. The 101st deals with budget cuts. Records show no evidence of David Williams sexual abuse. Beshear is well in the lead with money to blow.

Tennessee~ The Legislative Black Caucus wants in on redistricting.

morning cram [psst! edition]

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Hearing gossip about people can literally change the way you see them.

NPR reports a study finds negative gossip actually alters the way our visual system responds to a particular face.

KENTUCKY~ Consultants want to revamp Paducah from 2nd to 6th tying Downtown, Lower Town and the Riverfront all together. McCracken County Schools may drop +38 jobs. Another Fort Campbell hero dies abroad. Beshear appoints a task force to face off with flood-water borne skeeters. Court: it’s all or nothing for Cadiz alcohol sales. The Cave-In-Rock Ferry is rockin’ out again. Experts spar over whether Marathon Oil price gouged. Officials plan to talk about the Asian Carp invasion. The state is taking part in a National Level (disaster prep) Exercise. State Tourism officials sign off on incentivizing the Noah’s Ark theme park.

TENNESSEE~ Unemployment is up! and lawmakers are split over budgeting extended benefits.

morning cram [inquiry edition]

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Keeping track of all the investigations into the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can be confusing.

~Check out NPR‘s guide to oil spill inquiries.

Beware!: Freezing rain is expected to coat the afternoon.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah Commissioners swear to do their job and approve of a public student housing project. Still no charges or official cause in Paducah toddler death. A ruling on whether racetracks can offer wagering on past horse races is expected before the year’s end. A suicide bomb kills 6 Fort Campbell soldiers.

TENNESSEE~ 21/28 arrested in a federal wiretap Clarksville crack-ring bust and police arrested yesterday’s shooting suspect. An official today will recommend how much debt the state should take on.

ILLINOIS~ Gov. Quinn picks up a new Chief of Staff. The state (almost) fails a health preparedness test.

morning cram [tea spider starfish party edition]

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Tea Party fave book The Starfish and the Spider shows the decentralized political movement is more like a starfish than a spider, because it can survive and regenerate without a head.

~NPR deciphers this biological-based analogy.

KENTUCKY~ The lawyer for the Mayfield Somali Muslim accused of attempted kidnapping hints he’ll push for a change of venue and Islamaca International may sue Mayfield over the recent denial of a mosque there. 4 McCracken County juveniles get cited for tagging. Work began  yesterday on a new 4-lane bridge over the Tennessee River near Ledbetter. Williams and Farmer chatted with reporters about their bid for governor. MSU and Murray Hospital will team up to host 10 UK Medicine students (in 2014). The Family Foundation outlines its grief with Instant Racing. State Park employees will be working this Labor Day weekend despite statewide furloughs (they’ll take off later this month). Proposed NRA-backed hunting legislation will be reviewed by legislators next year. Lexington’s World Equestrian Games gets bailed out by sponsors.

TENNESSEE~ A Clarksville woman dies in a 1-car accident. Bredesen creates a council to study soldiers‘ mental health and substance abuse. The General Assembly’s website gets props from the Center for Digital Government.

morning cram [suicide edition]

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“It’s a perfect storm. You subject people to terrible trauma, and then you take away all their mental health resources. What do you expect?”

~NPR speaks to New Orleans EMS workers about post-Katrina suicide rates (which doubled following the hurricane and still remain high).

KENTUCKY~ A Benton man drowns in Kentucky Lake. A report finds the Shawnee Fossil Plant’s coal ash pond has been leaking into the Ohio River since the ’80s. An MSU staffer will participate in a roundtable discussion celebrating the 50th birthday of the  Commonwealth’s Human Rights Commission. Instant Racing hits the courts this week and a ruling on the state furlough lawsuit is expected soon. Jack and Rand make another BBQ date at a planned McCracken County picnic.

TENNESSEE~ A Clarksville pedestrian was killed on Fort Campbell Blvd. Wednesday is the deadline to file for flood-related tax relief and if you’re confused, call this hotline. The former Montgomery County EMS Director claims the County Mayor bullied him into retirement. Police in Weakley County warn someone’s posing as an officer and pulling people over.

NCAA WOMEN’S SOCCER~ MSU loses to South Florida (4-2); wins against Alabama A&M (1-0). APSU beats Western Illinois (1-0) and Chattanooga (2-0). UTM beats Lipscomb (1-0); loses to Missouri State (2-0).

morning cram [nato slackers edition]

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“American soldiers — and even private contractors — are spearheading the effort to build an Afghan army and police force, so American and NATO troops can one day leave. But Pentagon officials and military officers say NATO nations still aren’t doing enough.”

~NPR hears this is beginning to annoy US lawmakers.

KENTUCKY~ Reidland-Farley is finally rid of that confounded fire-rescue boat. WKCTC accepts a gracious half-mil gift from a late Paducah couple. Police arrest three for (allegedly) trafficking meth in Paducah. Constructing a bridge linking Livingston and McCracken counties could begin this month. Christian County blames school bus routing problems for some students getting home hours late and a virus is ravaging a Hopkinsville elementary school. Corn and soybean harvests are predicted to pale compared to last year’s. Judge: lawmakers illegally transferred worker’s comp funds.

TENNESSEE~ It’s now okay again to ship cigarettes to soldiers abroad. Clarksville High’s head football coach resigns after hazing allegations emerge.