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the morning cram [cheap drugs edition]

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Many big name, expensive drugs are going generic as they reach the ‘patent cliff’.

NPR reports many big name, big money drugs like Lipitor and Nexium are reaching the ‘patent cliff’ and will soon be available in generic versions.

Kentucky~ Paducah honors black Civil War soldiers. Oak Grove parents drop pointless lawsuit. Sec of State candidates differ on photo id law. Williams/Farmer hit the road.

Tennessee~ Montgomery man saves bald eagle.

the morning cram [campsite scalper edition]

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Scalpers sell tickets to ball games, concerts, and… campsites?

NPR reports demand for campsites in popular destinations such as Yosemite National Park have led scalpers to buy-up reservations and sell them online for a tidy profit.

New jobs are on the horizon in Kentucky and Tennessee in the auto industry.

Kentucky~ A new plant could create jobs in McCracken County.  6 people died on roadways during the holiday weekend. JP Morgan is the state’s new banker. Senator Paul says the debt situation could be worse. The state’s waterways could provide more jobs in the future. Gov Beshear wants to discuss Medicaid.

Tennessee~ Many arrests were made for drunken boating during the holiday. An airport in the northwest portion of the state could help economic development. Gov Haslam wants to discuss teacher accountability programs.

morning cram [chicken egg edition]

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“Eggs have been getting a bad rap lately as the number of people being made sick by eggs contaminated with salmonella continues to rise. But from an egg’s point of view all of this is a bit unfair. Eggs get contaminated because the hen that’s laying them is infected.”

~NPR hears eggs themselves are usually remarkably resistant to contamination.

KENTUCKY~ Police search for a west McCracken burglar/ATM user. 5 more Fort Campbell heroes die in Afghanistan. WK&T gets a share of a $123mil federal stimulus grant for extending its broadband service. State officials keep tight-lipped on details of who they’re going to layoff.  Rand Paul backs off his claims he can eliminate the US federal deficit in < 1 year.

TENNESSEE~ Officials ID a Dover fisherman found drowned in Kentucky Lake. Lawyers plan to grill TVA’s CEO over the 2008 coal ash spill.

ILLINOIS~ Massac County worries it may not be able to pay its bills (state’s fault). Metropolis’ hospital will benefit from outpatient Medicaid reimbursements.

morning cram (what a dome idea edition)

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KY~ Flooding damages farmland. Many lake marinas are closed. Jack & Dan will debate in Paducah tonight ($20). Webster County’s (allegedly) dangerous mine is back up and running. Oak Grove Police used excessive force. A South Carolina senator backs Rand.

TN~ FEMA will pay for Montgomery County.  Death toll @ 21. State agencies are almost running normally again. Ask before you help.

IL~ Electric company offers the state a half-billion dollar bailout (in exchange for a nod on future price gouging).