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the morning cram [wiffle ball: America’s game edition]

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Wiffle balls were born in, and are surprisingly still made in America.

NPR reports that unlike most other American backyard games that involve cheap plastic toys, wiffle balls are still made stateside.

Kentucky~ Property values are up in Calloway County. A McCracken County man’s body was found in the TN River. Police say they can’t enforce the ‘texting law’. Wickliffe’s Mayor passed away. A former Ft Campbell soldier enters a disabled vets bike ride.

Missouri~ Tax breaks for renters are taken away.

Tennessee~ A Clarksville nursing home is fined for unsafe practices. The Paris City Manager has a solution for the 911 battle.


the morning cram [recovery edition]

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Job growth has come to a halt, and unemployment remains high.

NPR reports there was no job growth during the month of August, and President Obama is slated to present a new jobs plan amid a divided government.

Kentucky~ Murray State lost to Louisville (but maybe they beat the spread). A man is missing in the Tennessee River. School power bills are high. Sandhill Crane hunting passes the fed. A soldier is honored for catching bandit.

Illinois~ Brookport has a Chief in training.

morning cram [tripoli edition]

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Moammar Gadhafi’s armed forces are setting up checkpoints in Tripoli ahead of planned anti-government protests today, raising fears of new bloodshed in the Libyan capital.

Follow up on the latest with NPR.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah’s average credit card debt is the 4th lowest in the nation. Grand Rivers will miss the Badgers. The Commonwealth is well on its way to banning ‘bath salt’ drugs and expanding concealed carry laws. House members voted for a one-stop, web-shop for all things business and Republican senators are reviving their stalled plan to deal with troubled public pensions. The state’s Supreme Court Chief Justice warns further cuts would gimp the system. Governor Beshear signs major reforms to the penal code into law.

TENNESSEE~ City Council: Clarksville Speedway can roar on. Unemployment edges upwards. One Republican leader will talk openly about a proposed (possibly anti-Muslim) bill that he has yet to read.

OVC TOURNEY~ (Men’s) APSU > SEMO, UTM > TTU; (Women’s) APSU > EIU.

morning cram [honey buzz edition]

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“So why are people so gaga for bees? Well, for starters, there’s renewed interest in the age-old health claims about honey.”

~NPR hears the buzz.

KENTUCKY~ Police nab a man wanted on meth charges and the woman they claim was hiding him. Kentucky State Penitentiary @ Eddyville’s enforcement of visitation restrictions has upset volunteer pastors and inmates. Ownership of Murray’s Glendale Place Senior Living Community may soon change hands. The State Inspector General clears a Madisonville nursing home of wrongdoing in a fire-injury case. Work begins today on Eggner’s Ferry Bridge (expect delays). The mother of former-lawmaker Steve Nunn’s (alleged) victim is suing several Lexington-area community associations.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville Police fires a former (fraudster) detective. Montgomery County refines how it deals with aggressive dogs.

ILLINOIS~ A man is dead after a shootout with police. A woman finishes an almost 1k-mile swim down the Ohio River. Governor Quinn cuts his staff’s pay after taking flack for giving out raises.

morning cram [naacp vs tea edition]

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The NAACP condemns what it calls ‘racist elements’ within the Tea Party.

“The vote has sparked a war of words between the two groups.”

~ NPR gets both sides.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah hopes to save a half-mil by refinancing a bond and will apply for grant$ to restore an old train. Reidland-Farley Fire barters it’s boat for 2 (used) firetrucks. Police arrest 2 men after a Murray home invasion (homeowner wins gunfight). Repairs begin next week on the US-60/80 bridge to LBL. 2 more Fort Campbell soldiers die in Afghanistan. Judges can now campaign with party affiliations. State lawmakers carefully eye outside consultant contracts. The senate campaign fundage race (this quarter): Conway < $1.5 mil; Paul +$1 mil.

TENNESEE~ An Arkansas man pleads guilty to a Henry County murder. Sales tax revenue is up for a 3rd straight month.

morning cram (back to work edition)

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jobs = good

KY~ Lake Barkley is near record levels and area flooding could happen. Lake winds could reach 20-30 mph. Trigg County expects water over some roads. Coast Guard eases boating restrictions. US Senate Democratic hopefuls vied for the primary slot in Paducah last night over economy and energy issues. Fort Campbell soldiers take a day off for cleanup.

TN~ Clarksville is wringing out the wet. As flood water recedes, expect to find dead animals. US Senator Alexander wants to question the Corps of Engineers.

IL~ Democrats want to shortchange the pension.