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morning cram [inquiry edition]

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Keeping track of all the investigations into the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can be confusing.

~Check out NPR‘s guide to oil spill inquiries.

Beware!: Freezing rain is expected to coat the afternoon.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah Commissioners swear to do their job and approve of a public student housing project. Still no charges or official cause in Paducah toddler death. A ruling on whether racetracks can offer wagering on past horse races is expected before the year’s end. A suicide bomb kills 6 Fort Campbell soldiers.

TENNESSEE~ 21/28 arrested in a federal wiretap Clarksville crack-ring bust and police arrested yesterday’s shooting suspect. An official today will recommend how much debt the state should take on.

ILLINOIS~ Gov. Quinn picks up a new Chief of Staff. The state (almost) fails a health preparedness test.

morning cram [embolden edition]

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Intelligence officials worry a handful of leaked diplomatic cables focused on Yemen could end up helping al-Qaida recruitment there.

~NPR hears how the leak could make Yemen appear to be American-loving liars.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah school officials don’t like PMS and a 100-bed rehab facility will open nearby within days. An Afghan Border Patrol officer kills 6 Fort Campbell soldiers. Bankruptcies across the state are up 66%. A top aide to Senator McConnell resigns. Grant$ are available to stop underage drinking. A new CEO will take the helm of the state’s main Medicaid provider. Gov. Beshear throws state money toward bringing a biblical theme park to the northern part of the state.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville-Montgomery Airport officials name the contractor to build a new Outlaw Field terminal. Police have busted 1,700 methlabs this year.

ILLINOIS~ Civil unions get a green light from state senators. Gov. Quinn extends funding for the state’s  job creation machine.

morning cram [tea victories edition]

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“Two largely unknown Republican Senate primary candidates, driven by Tea Party movement money and energy, rocked entrenched party opponents yesterday.”

~NPR reports as all major primaries close, fall’s campaign machines switch on.

KENTUCKY~ Economic development official: Paducah benefits from MSU. MSU faculty vote in Jack Rose to Board of Regents. Marion will find out at month’s end how much a new fire department will cost. Adopt-a-Highway programs are revving up for next week’s sweep. A local conservation group nabs a $100k federal grant to educate the public about runoff pollution. High area pollen counts stop up local noses.

TENNESSEE~ A TBI investigation clears Clarksville’s mayor. McWherter debates Haslam @ Tennessee Tech. Middle schoolers are scoring higher in reading/math. APSU Lady Govs trounce Alabama A&M (6-0).

morning cram (sad chocolate edition)

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Sad Chocolate

Researchers question chocolate’s motives; just in time for Arizona’s new law.

KY~ McCracken County hooks up a Paducah wholesale food distributor. MSU plans a forum on tuition hikes. Fort Campbell preps for another Afghanistan deployment. Multiple countries attend a clean coal conference in the Commonwealth. Legislation from the General Assembly’s  special session next month will take effect July 15.  Beshear vetoes a bill that scrutinizes state contracts.

TN~ Clarksville has disappointingly-low Census return rates. Undercover officers bust up a Henry County High School drug ring.  Republicans consider cutting pre-kindergarten programs.

IL~ Metropolis throws Harrah’s a $30k bone.