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the morning cram [empty nest egg edition]

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Retirement may not be as enjoyable as it once was.

NPR reports retirees are finding the golden years to be much more difficult than they expected.

Kentucky~An accidental shooting claims a life in Graves County.  No Child Left Behind grades are in.   Senator Paul wants to block pipeline regulations.  Williams and Galbraith sound off on Race to the Top funds.

Illinois~ Metropolis ok’s booze on Sunday.


morning cram [cash for jobs] edition

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“Hiring managers say when they extend an offer to someone who’s been referred, they often feel more confident that they know what they are getting.”

NPR reports some businesses are paying for good referrals.

KENTUCKY ~ The CEO of Big Rivers Electric tells Congress why proposed EPA regulations would be bad for business, and Ed Whitfield says greenhouse gas regulation would hurt coal. LBL and farm services among the list of government agencies that would shut down. Farmers are planting less tobacco. Madisonville city council members consider Sunday alcohol sales, while Marshall County enacts a burn ban.  Teach for America comes to Kentucky (eastern) for the first time.  Prosecutors won’t seek the death penalty in Evrard kidnapping/murder case.  FLW College Fishing Tourney holds first weigh-in.

TENNESSEE ~ Proposal in the House would make insurance companies pay for hearing aids for kids.

ILLINOIS ~ Supreme Court rules people with gun permits in other states don’t have to get a new permit in Illinois.