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the morning cram [I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey edition]

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Quick –  Puff out your chest, it’ll scare him away!

NPR reports Iran stands defiant amidst Israel’s threat of strikes against their nuclear program.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ River levels are on the rise.  A McCracken Sheriffs Deputy resigns after visiting his lady friend on the clock.  Mammoth Cave is a moneymaker for the Commonwealth. Smart kids rejoice;  you can get out of high school early. Pill mill legislation is working its way through the legislature.  The state wants to make substantial budget cuts to post-secondary schools. Lawmakers may be through with the redistricting fight.

morning cram (april fool’s edition)

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KY~ SURPRISE! Murray State promotes Higginson to Provost. Reidland-Farley Fire Department is trying to fire Chief Tapp. Beshear assures Paducah he cares and stops to drop off a check to Robert Penn Warren’s hometown. They’re burning LBL. A Hopkinsville man crashes his Toyota Yaris; blames sticky accelerator. An (Alleged) Mayfield embezzler’s case heads to grand jury. Fingers are pointed in Frankfort over the stalled budget. $480m in extra Pell Grants by 2020.

TN~ A Democratic candidate for governor drops out for a race more her speed. $657m in extra Pell Grants by 2020.

NOTE: Our impeccable journalistic integrity prohibits us from lying to you on this special day. Oh! by the way, the Easter Bunny is dead (Disturbing video embedded below).

morning cram (weekend lovin’ edition)

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KY~ Paducah Police want to know who robbed the Waffle Hut. Paducah’s Waterway Innovations gets $150k to develop barge monitoring technology. A survey gauging opinions on a Murray payroll tax is circulating through the business community. That lady who (allegedly) shot at her husband in a Mayfield Lowe’s now has a jury of her peers. The general manager of WKDZ-FM (Cadiz) is one of the Commonwealth’s leading ladies. Unemployment rises (10.9%). The House puts off an official discussion on a Capitol gun ban. One Senate committee adds an eminent domain clause to the stalled nuclear bill and another is confused about instant racing.

morning cram (tue$day edition)

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We still need you to pay our (public radio) bills, pretty please. <HERE>

KY~ Ohio river coal barge crash cleaned up. Housman’s vote may see political retribution. McCracken Schools looking to replace superintendent (again). Graves high students win TV award. Hopkins firefighters get name tags. 6-year road plan up for House vote. Should we watch inmates get put down?

TN~ Montgomery County makes it illegal to chain your dog up for longer than half an hour. Fog blamed for killing all those birds in Clarksville.

morning cram (boat-loss edition)

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Listen to the Front Page (here) today @ noon.

KY~ Reidland-Farley will take out a loan and sell that boat for a loss. Damage estimates top $200k @ Irvin Cobb Apts. McCracken throws convention board a bone. A Hopkinsville  woman wins a $1m jackpot and her mayor bids for second term. Stumbo suggests tax reform. The senate will vote on an abortion law. Social workers lobby for more protection$. State Auditor Luallen says colon screenings shouldn’t be taboo.

TN~ Incoming senate vote on Bredesen’s education plan.

IL~ Massac County needs a new Emergency Director.

NCAA(Men’s) MSU > JSU, UTM < TTU; (Women’s) APSU > TSU, UTM > TTU, MSU > JSU.