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the morning cram [what do you want to do…I don’t know, what do you want to do edition]

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It seems the Supercommittee  is having trouble figuring it all out as well.

NPR reports as the Wednesday deadline approaches, the congressional Supercommittee is still a long way from coming to an agreement. How will Wallstreet react?

Kentucky~ No more fake weed in Paducah. A humane society  guy is charged with allegedly torturing animals in Paducah. Lexington is rollin’ in it after the equestrian games.

Illinois~ Man pleads guilty to SIU bomb threat. Pensions are in trouble.

the morning cram [tenacious Demonstrator edition]

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It’s getting real in the Port of Oakland parking lot.

NPR reports the Occupy Oakland protests are becoming more volatile between police and local protesters. Flashbangs and tear-gas anyone?

Kentucky~ McCracken County Clerk appeals financial oversight. Two Hopkinsville firefighters were arrested for pocketing money.   KSP says watch out for those frisky deer.

Illinois~ SIU professors are on strike. Debate continues on state funding of huge cross in Southern Illinois.

morning cram [write-off edition]

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“Speaking near Cleveland on Wednesday, President Obama said all U.S. companies should be allowed to write off all of the investments they make through 2011.”

~NPR wades through the proposal’s mixed reactions.

KENTUCKY~ d Write-in McCracken County Clerk challengers want incumbent Jeff Jerrell to recuse himself from overseeing the election (he won’t). A Paducah woman is busted for selling crack. Watch out for oversized loads today/tomorrow near Calvert City’s Industrial Parkway. A Trigg County man died in a wreck yesterday. Fort Campbell ceremonially honors 11 fallen heroes (42 have died since June).  A Livingston County wildfire injures a forest ranger. UK’s President Lee Todd: I’m outta here! Beshear wants landlords who lease office space to state government to drop rent (by 5%). Jack makes $300k from web donations; Rand scrambles to make more.

TENNESSEE~ 9 cows die after a semi-truck overturns near Puryear. Retired attorneys will soon be able to do pro bono work.

ILLINOIS~ Enrollment down @ SIU-Carbondale.