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the morning cram [end of an era edition]

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The space shuttle Atlantis has landed at Kennedy Space center ending a 30-year era in travel beyond our world.

NPR gives a minute by minute breakdown of Atlantis’ journey back into the atmosphere and back to earth.

Kentucky~ Home invaders are not attempted murderers. An alleged war-hating, child-porn-loving soldier is AWOL. From a Jewish and Catholic hospital merger in Louisville arises concern. Parts of Nunn’s files will be made public.

Illinois~ The union is set to vote on a Honeywell agreement.

morning cram [stop time edition]

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After an almost three-week break, the Senate is back in session today where official legislative time has ground to a halt in order for Democrats to propose changes to the rules.

NPR reports today is actually January 5th (in the chamber).

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County moves to sue Paducah over its latest land grab. Calloway Circuit Court hears a load of guilty pleas in several cases: shooting, DUI-fatality and home invasion. Transportation officials are hosting a public meeting tonight in Madisonville over a controversial road-widening proposal. Area schools ponder how to make-up snow days. A UofL panel discussion recommends politicians should avoid divisive rhetoric. Some 1k Fort Campbell soldiers are due home this week.

TENNESSEE~ A newly introduced bill would allow school districts to ignore teacher’s unions. In Men’s Basketball: UTM > SIU-E.

ILLINOIS~ Metropolis wants to license local strippers.

morning cram [online arms edition]

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Why is there no arms control measure that would apply to the use of cyberweapons?

~NPR reports it isn’t for lack of attention to the issue.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah’s BBQ on the River starts up today. State Police investigators rule a 2009 Graves County death was a suicide, but the local Coroner disagrees. The ACLU asks Mayfield to reverse it’s mosque-block. A Gilbertsville hotel owner accused of running a bar in a dry county claims he was unfairly targeted. 5 soldiers killed when a helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan were assigned to Fort Campbell’s 101st Airborne.

TENNESSEE~ Police: 2 men (dressed in drag) robbed a Clarksville bank yesterday.