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morning cram [nato slackers edition]

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“American soldiers — and even private contractors — are spearheading the effort to build an Afghan army and police force, so American and NATO troops can one day leave. But Pentagon officials and military officers say NATO nations still aren’t doing enough.”

~NPR hears this is beginning to annoy US lawmakers.

KENTUCKY~ Reidland-Farley is finally rid of that confounded fire-rescue boat. WKCTC accepts a gracious half-mil gift from a late Paducah couple. Police arrest three for (allegedly) trafficking meth in Paducah. Constructing a bridge linking Livingston and McCracken counties could begin this month. Christian County blames school bus routing problems for some students getting home hours late and a virus is ravaging a Hopkinsville elementary school. Corn and soybean harvests are predicted to pale compared to last year’s. Judge: lawmakers illegally transferred worker’s comp funds.

TENNESSEE~ It’s now okay again to ship cigarettes to soldiers abroad. Clarksville High’s head football coach resigns after hazing allegations emerge.

morning cram [nutritious edition]

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 is a series of compilations put out by the Italian alternate label Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati. “Hunger in America is complicated. It’s not just getting enough food, but getting the right food — and making the right choices.”

~NPR digests the expense of buying healthy food.

KENTUCKY~ State Police hand over the Reidland Farley Fire Department financial investigation to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. Murray’s Briggs & Stratton plant has a $35mil upgrade planned. 2 separate wrecks on bridges over the Ohio River yesterday closed Paducah off from Illinois for a short time. Bridge work at Smithland continues. West Kentucky Allied has already exhausted its new grant$. Madisonville is now an accredited National Main Street city. Lawmakers need to address a $1 billion hole in their Medicaid budget. Whitfield teleconferences with +5k constituents. Attorney General: beware of fake sweepstakes!

TENNESSEE~ A woman accused of leaving her baby to die in a hot car (while bar hopping with friends for +6 hours) goes on trial.

ILLINOIS~ Police ID the man who died during a standoff with law enforcement.

morning cram (velicometry edition)

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C'mon BP...

New scientific analysis uncovers BP’s egregious mistaken oil leak calculations.

KY~ Lake Barkley will be back to normal next week. Reidland-Farley’s new fire chief longs for obscurity. Karzai @ Fort Campbell today. Green banks could start popping up to make energy-saving loans.

TN~ Last weeks floods has probably setback work on Clarksville’s Marina and the Two Rivers Center is condemned. The House approves making fake pot illegal. Republican Senators pick apart Bredesen’s spending plan.  A US Senate panel approves an additional $400mil in disaster aid.

morning cram (in gov we distrust edition)

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govment luvin

Who do you trust in?

KY~ The weekend storm downed some area trees and flooded several Hopkinsville streets. Paducah’s Quilt Show is deemed a success. The Reidland-Farley Fire board is patient. There will be some traffic congestion in Lone Oak over the next few days. MSU cops plan roadblocks over the next 10 days. Hopkins County Schools axes 23 jobs. The state begins to canvas the Commonwealth’s internet connections.

TN~ An (alleged) hammer-wielding Clarksville murderer is captured in a barn.

IL~ Metropolis votes tonight on helping fund upcoming Harrah’s concerts.

OVC SPORTS~ (Baseball) MSU < EIU, UTM < EKU, APSU > SIUe; (Softball) MSU > EKU, UTM > TSU, APSU = EIU; (Golf) MSU Women’s team wins its 8th Championship.

morning cram (gay hospital edition)

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Obama <3's Equality

Obama issues a homosexual equality memo to the nation’s hospitals.

KY~ Reidland-Farley Fire pariah Richard Tapp gets fired. Paducah Police chase down (alleged) 19-year-old kidnapper. More in Christian County are returning their Census forms. We have no budget… Legislative FAIL! and Beshear’s puking mad. Several bills are now law: (1) bans texting while driving, (2) improves the state retirement system and (3) makes it easier for KCTCS students to transfer to 4-year universities. The jobless rate is the same as it was in January.

TN~ Henry County has a (sorta) new head football coach. Bredesen would sacrfice the sales tax cap to fix the $80m hole. State has biggest workforce increase in 5 years.

morning cram (1337 edition)

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Yeah… So most of our staff won decently prestigious journalistic honors yesterday.

KY~ That confounded boat is still rankling the Reidland-Farley Fire Dept. A DUI hit and run kills a Guthrie man (on a farm tractor). An antique store owner in Hazel refiles his lawsuit against the city. A new leader emerges at the helm of Todd County’s Health Department! A Bowling Green judge sides with Expedia/Travelocity. After sinking a quarter-mil into an unsuccessful senate bid, Bill Johnson may try for governor. Sec-O-State Tray Grayson has a sizable (campaign fund) package.

TN~ House passes bill extending prison time for armed robbery.

IL~ Police are searching for an armed sex criminal.

morning cram (april fool’s edition)

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KY~ SURPRISE! Murray State promotes Higginson to Provost. Reidland-Farley Fire Department is trying to fire Chief Tapp. Beshear assures Paducah he cares and stops to drop off a check to Robert Penn Warren’s hometown. They’re burning LBL. A Hopkinsville man crashes his Toyota Yaris; blames sticky accelerator. An (Alleged) Mayfield embezzler’s case heads to grand jury. Fingers are pointed in Frankfort over the stalled budget. $480m in extra Pell Grants by 2020.

TN~ A Democratic candidate for governor drops out for a race more her speed. $657m in extra Pell Grants by 2020.

NOTE: Our impeccable journalistic integrity prohibits us from lying to you on this special day. Oh! by the way, the Easter Bunny is dead (Disturbing video embedded below).

morning cram (no _~ edition)

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*We do not endorse or promote drug use of any kind.

KY~ The Senate will vote on banning salvia and fake pot. Will Reidland-Farley Fire Chief Richard Tapp return to face the music? Paducah could be a new coal stop. The Mayfield Lowe’s shooter is guilty (and mentally ill). Hopkinsville police find +$13k worth of meth/no one home. A student-made spacecraft will be blasted into… space. Is (former lawmaker/accused murderer) Steve Nunn competent?

TN~ They’re gonna burn the Devil’s Backbone in LBL.

morning cram (break the spring edition)

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BOO! or YAY! Healthcare passed yesterday… without help from Tanner or Whitfield.

KY~ Police search for an escaped Paducah inmate. Police radios didn’t help a convicted felon avoid arrest for long. McCracken County commissioners may decide tonight where to build a new Emergency Operations Center. A Graves County fire kills 2. MSU bows out of March Madness tourney. The General Assembly has only 9 days to get ‘r done. State sees a 14% increase in foodstamp usage.

TN~ A Clarksville rapper is stabbed to death. A Martin teacher faces federal sex charges.