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the morning cram [pawpaw edition]

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The Pawpaw: North America’s forgotten fruit.

NPR reports a long lost tropical-like fruit which grows in our temperate climate is a little known treat found throughout 26 states.

Kentucky~ The Paducah Renaissance Alliance Director quits after two months on the job.   A Caldwell County judge declares a mistrial in the Allison murder case. Rand Paul is making the rounds in the Purchase Region today.  We all need a little help from our friends, says Todd P’Pool.  An accrediting body takes a long, hard look at National College. Senator Paul wants to chat with other Senators about pipeline regulations.

Tennessee~ State Senator Kyle says tweak the lottery, don’t steal from scholarship funds.

Album Review: “SO2” by Shinichi Osawa

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Shinichi Osawa’s new album, SO2, is a sugar-coated, break your teeth, take two Tylenol in the morning summertime escapist masterpiece. Well, that’s it for the review. Thanks for reading!

The moment I heard it was released in Japan, I knew I had to have it imported. No stateside worries though, his first album, The One, was eventually released in America and for like half the price, too. Pushing the obligatory hype aside, it’s an album that has something for everyone. The only downside to such ambition is that a timid listener might turn away and an electro purist might be disappointed. An open-minded listener, however, will absolutely love this entire project.

Here’s my breakdown of the songs and album highlights:

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The Black Keys “Brothers” album review

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I don’t expect nearly as much out of music as I used to. Let’s face it; at this juncture in popular music’s history, everything is derivative. The so-called “music snobs” who scour the internet in search of something truly unique usually end up settling for tepid and mediocre bands like Animal Collective, when their time would probably be better spent listening to old Howlin’ Wolf, Bob Dylan, and The Clash records. Akron Ohio’s The Black Keys have never claimed to be musical visionaries. Singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney have been making fuzzed-out, pummeling blues-rock since 2002’s The Big Come Up, on which they covered The Beatle’s, “She Said, She Said”, andDo The Rump, by Junior Kimbrough.

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Written by Tracy Ross

June 12, 2010 at 4:03 pm