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Datebook: October 25 – Evariste Galois turns 200

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Évariste Galois was a French mathematician born on October 25, 1811 (and died May 31, 1832). As a teenager, he laid the foundations for Galois theory, a major branch of abstract algebra, and the subfield of Galois connections. He was the first to use the word “group” as a technical term in mathematics to represent a group of permutations. He was an outspoken radical Republican and died from wounds suffered in a duel, which involved Alexandre Dumas, at the age of twenty. He’s made several contributions to algebra, but his most notable contribution is Galois theory, in which an algebraic solution to a polynomial equation is related to the structure of a group of permutations associated with the roots of the polynomial.

(It’s also the 130th birthday of Pablo Picasso, but everyone knows that!)

It’s Tuesday, October 25

The Markethouse Theatre in Paducah continues auditions for Escanaba in da Moonlight tonight at 6:30 in the main theatre. The 5 men and one woman cast engage a hunting story complete with crude hunting humor and thick Upper Michigan accents. Performances are January 12 through the 22nd. See for more.

Marching bands from Heath, Lone Oak and Reidland high schools converge on Lone Oak’s Flash Field at 7 p.m. Thursday for the McCracken County Marching Band Community Showcase. Hear Back to 1975, Westward Ho, Wicked – The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and a group rendition of America closing the showcase.

Randy Johnson directs the classic thriller Wait Until Dark at Murray’s Playhouse in the Park. Shows are at 7 p.m. this Friday and Saturday with a 2:30 matinee Sunday. Purchase tickets at A conman and two ex-convicts meet their match in a blind woman who evens the playing field in this cat and mouse game.

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morning cram [workout edition]

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Researchers say daily exercise plays a role in resisting the cold virus, citing a study where the more participants exercised, the less they reported getting sick.

~NPR reports those who exercised five days a week for at least 20 minutes experienced about 40% fewer days of illness compared with those who exercised less than one day a week.

KENTUCKY~ Find out how school officials plan to spend a $25k grant to curb dropouts @ Reidland High. Another Fort Campbell soldier dies for his country. Local undercovers bring down an alleged crack dealer. Police are awaiting dental records to identify two people who died in a fiery Calloway County wreck. A Fancy Farm man is in custody on kidnapping/sodomy charges. Rand Paul: GOP must consider cutting military spending. The city of Henderson is considering erecting a 9/11 memorial. Hopkinsville Community College is teaming up with APSU to train employees for Clarksville’s upcoming Hemlock Semiconductor plant. MSU is among several federal grant recipients in the Commonwealth targeting professional development.  Flags are down to half-staff again today.

SPORTS~ (Football) MSU > TTU & UTM > APSU. (Women’s Soccer) APSU loses the championship to Morehead State.

morning cram (rip dio edition)

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Jack Black must be devastated.

KY~ A former Calloway County student-teacher will avoid jail and registering as a sex offender because he’s in a wheelchair. A Murray woman is charged with attempted murder. Officials need more time to investigate Reidland High’s bingo scam. A Hopkinsville businessman admits part in illegal cigarette sales. We’ll soon find out more of how and where PGDP workers were exposed to contaminants. LBL can’t wait for the lakes to go down. Rand invites you to tea.

TN~ A federal jury will make a Henry County Sheriff’s deputy pay $75k. Word of Clarksville Mayor Piper’s alleged threats has hit the AP and there was a stabbing over the weekend.