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Weekend Energy Preview 1-7

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Crank up your stereo, bust out the stroblight and kick up the bass for the two hours of the best techno dance and electronica from around the world. This is Weekend Energy, I’m Matt McG. This week’s show is so out of control, it’s like a group of robot helicopters, creating skyscrapers using a suction cup mechanism to carry the bricks. What’ll they do next? Destroy humanity as we know it?

Oh, it’s real.


Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette and Idoling! – Big In Japan (Denzal Park Remix) – I’m a sucker for great music videos. So that’s my reason for playing this, really. Also, this remix is a killer opener. I’ve always said (to my bathroom mirror) all you need to do is make it in Japan. Forget Stateside, mega-corporo-conglomerates control that. Japanese pop-culture is outrageous. Actually, one of my favorite non-eletronic music (gasp!) is Zebrahead, which, for some reason is HUGE in Japan. Also, remember that Canadian rock group Anvil with the movie any everything? I won’t spoil the ending. Check out the the music video for Big in Japan. Sore sugoi!

Trippple Nippples – LSD – See this week’s “Discovery” below.

We Kiss You – Dancing and Everybody Lies – I really wanted this band to be the “discovery” this week, but… well see what happened below. Their EP titled Viva Le Rock is stellar from start to finish. I’m thrilled to have two songs from it in the mix this week The other song I was going to play from this is I Know You Want Me. This energetic duo blends hip French dance with ridiculously catchy choruses that will get your head rolling around like it’s a crazy metronome or something, I don’t know. I find Lunalyss’ whip-sharp vocals to be entrancing, and 6-phoniq’s rhythms to be as cool as his name. Eventually, I’ll get around to playing every track on this EP – from the hyper Dancing, to the sexyfun Everybody Lies.  Here’s a great “walking around having more fun than you” video for Everybody Lies.

Katy Perry – The One That Got Away (R3hab Remix) –  Yes. Katy Perry. I know, I know. If anyone’s gonna get me to play her music on Weekend Energy it’s gonna be R3hab. There’s no question the total quality of this remix. It’s some of his finest work – from a probably flawless portfolio. Don’t get me wrong, Katy Perry’s music is hilarious and fun, but them Top 40 folks play it to death. Ew, repetition. Why wait? Listen to it now.


Trippple Nippples

Yes, I’ve wedged this one into the mix this week. LDS by Trippple Nippples is the greatest and most horrifying thing I’ve ever stumbled across (the second most was a perfectly good – I mean pristine – turkey sandwich in the middle of  a sidewalk in downtown Chattanooga). I feel like this wicked Japanese trio “gets it,” you know? Like they have captured the moment – not for too long – but for just enough time. Like a single, life sustaining breath. The sound created by Trippple Nippples is lively, spunky, absurd, irritating, and perfect. In an art form where anything is possible, I’m thrilled to hear true innovators. Who says neo-pop trash can’t hang on the wall next to Monet? Landscapes are boring, anyway.

Wait! There’s more! Check it out below::::

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Weekend Energy Preview – August 27

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week’s show so perfectly reflects the current state of human cultural output, it’s like Wikipedia screaming knowledge into your ears.


Rye Rye feat. Robyn – Never Will Be Mine (R3hab Remix) – Rye Rye makes every song better. Check out her awesome lyrical stylings in X Girl by Teenage Bad Girl. The original mix is totally chill, with a warm touch of remorse. R3hab, however, throws in a totally slamming, grungy electro beat to the song, picking it up like it weights ten ounces, then flinging it into a busy street. It’s quite simply one of the best reworkings I’ve heard in recent memory. Dig the awesome hair in the original video.

Useless Wooden Toys – Il Tirannosauro – See this week’s “Discovery” below.

Modestep  – Sunlight (Jacob Plant Remix) – I’ve always been an advocate for dubstep, but there’s no question the genre can so often be dark and dreary. Sunlight is one of those rare exceptions, where it’s actually an uplifting beat (though the lyrics are ironically a complaint). Near the end, the song morphs into some really stellar drum n bass, which is how every dubstep song should end. Yeah, so the Jacob Plant version isn’t ground breaking like R3hab’s remix above, but more of a light dusting over the original track. Like a tablespoon of cornstarch, the song is a touch thicker and leaves a more lasting mouth-feel.  Old people rocking the original video.

Sneaky Sound System – We Love (Bart B More Remix) – WOW it’s been forever since I’ve played some Sneaky Sound System! Their self-titled album was my album of the year in 2007. Their songs, I Love It, UFO, Pictures and You’re Hot sound as good today as they did then. Their new single We Love is a bouncy, Caribbean pop-pleasure. Bart B More tosses this song into an electro house blender and trades out some of the bouncy fragrance with a club-filling beat. Amazingly, singer Connie Mitchell holds up against the huge synths. So so so thrilled to hear this fantastic Australian group is back! I’ll play the original mix in a couple weeks. Here’s the official video for their new single.


Useless Wooden Toys

If you’ve been listening for the past couple weeks, you’d know I’ve been somewhere in Europe. It’s true. I spent some time in Italy eating pasta and watching MTV in my hotel room. Under normal circumstances, such an activity would be accompanied with tears and self-loathing, but a music video came on, like every 20 minutes, that totally blew my mind. It was the video for Il Tirannosauro by Useless Wooden Toys. It features a well-dressed tyrannosaurus rex dancing around on the streets with people rocking out to the lyrics. The song is so catchy, I’ve been making continuous reference to it, and the hand gesture, in nearly every public interaction since first watching it. Useless Wooden Toys has been around for a few years, but this hit is so solid, they’ve given it it’s own Facebook page. Yeah, the song is Facebook official.  Despite this, the song is quite hard to find in the US, so get into Italian iTunes, buy it with some Euros, or fly overseas and get it while it’s hot!

Here’s a different video than the one I saw on TV, but it still features the stylish dinosaur:

Almost Made It

Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! is inoffensive indie dance, great for a summer drive in rural areas or for wedging into skinny jeans. It’s the music you look for when you don’t know what mood you’re in. You’ll be whistling to Wait and See, but might not remember the lyrics and might not remember where or who you are. Happened to me, anyway. Flight Facilities add a great synth riff to the song, giving it a more dance-able groove. Also check out Crave You by Flight Facilities.

Here’s the official video for the original mix:

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include Designer Drugs, Captain Capa, The Death Set, Teenage Bad Girl and William Breakspear! It’s my hour-long best of summer mix! Tough choice, but if I had to narrow down one song from this mix for a definitive summer anthem, I’d pick Wynter Gordon’s Til Death. This is a massively underrated party masterpiece. I’ve said it before: Wynter Gordon deserves to be famous. It’s poppy, spicy and the R3hab Remix totally kills.

And Another Thing

Maybe your speakers exploded a couple weeks ago during the second ever Weekend Energy Dubstep Special. It was a totally sick hour of music featuring some of the best dubstep I’ve played over the past six months or so. My favorite cut from the show was the disgruntled single King Kong by Datsik & Bare.

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

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