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the morning cram [an intruder in this mystic garden of the deep edition]

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An unexpected discovery at the bottom of the sea in 1977 changed biology.

NPR tells the story of a small crew of oceanographers who found giant 7 foot worms at the bottom of the ocean, changing what biologists believed was necessary to sustain life.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ It’s raining. And the roads are flooded.  Police are looking for a suspect in deadly Trigg County shooting. Paducah Police are looking for a robbery suspect. Gov Beshear is in Marshall County.

Illinois~ Prison work is dangerous.

Datebook: November 14 – Father of Modern Histology and Pathology Turns 240

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Marie François Xavier Bichat was born on November 14, 1771 (and died July 22, 1802). He was a French anatomist and physiologist best remembered as the father of modern histology and pathology. Despite the fact that he worked without a microscope he was able to advance greatly the understanding of the human body. He was the first to introduce the notion of tissues as distinct entities. He maintained that diseases attacked tissues rather than whole organs. Bichat died at the age of 31 from a fever following an unexplained fall down a set of stairs.

It’s Monday, November 14

The League of Women Voters conducts a forum on Homelessness in Hopkinsville at the Salvation Army Worship Center on Clay Street tomorrow night at 6. Learn about the services of the Aaron McNeil House, the Salvation Army, the Pennyroyal Mental Health Center and the Pennyroyal Veterans Shelter for the Homeless.

Adsmore House and Gardens of Princeton is decorated for the holidays, in its 25th anniversary of recreating Christmas Eve 1901 with decorations, music on the graphophone, and the table set with best china. Adsmore is at 304 North Jefferson in Princeton, open Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 4 and Sunday 1:30 to 4.

This week University of Louisville’s Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin lectures at Murray State from his recent publication “The Prince of Evolution.” It’s about Russian Prince Peter Kropotkin, an early international celebrity whose interests were anarchism and the cooperation between animals and humans. The Dugatkin lecture starts at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Mason Hall Auditorium.

See details at, where there’s a world of information. Thanks.

morning cram [evacuate! edition]

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Fukushima nuclear plant operators evacuated workers today after gray smoke rose from a reactor unit.

NPR reports the latest developments on stabilizing the radiation-leaking complex.

KENTUCKY~ An elderly Paducah man dies after driving into an underwater ditch. Whether the Heath High shooter can appeal will be decided in August. A Murray woman pleads guilty to enabling an armed home invasion. KY-131 is now back open (after parts were underwater). Caldwell County has a newly named Magistrate. Rep Henley: cutting Medicaid will be a pain for Murray’s Hospital. The special session continues. Emancipation Day pushes the tax deadline back 3 days. US Census: cities grew, rural areas declined.

TENNESSEE~ High gas price$ prompt Henry County officials to cut a deal with their waste pickup servicer.

SPORTS~ (Baseball) MSU < GSU, UTM < UAB, APSU < ISU; (Softball) MSU < EIU, UTM > TSU, APSU < EKU.

December: November 26 – Black Friday

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It’s Friday, November 26.

The Homeplace in Land Between the Lakes prepares for Christmas tomorrow from 1 to 4 p.m.  Learn how to make 1850’s Christmas decorations and home cooked goodies while enjoying old-time Christmas tunes with the Dixie Volunteers. Then caroling welcomes the horse and buggy bringing Santa. The Homeplace is south on the Trace from 68/80.

Tour Adsmore by candlelight tomorrow from 6 to 8:30 p.m.  Victorian-costumed guides walk you through the 1857 Greek Revival Home decorated for the holidays, complete with the best china and silver and original Santa favors on the diningroom table.  Adsmore House, Gardens and Gun Shop are at 304 North Jefferson in Princeton.

The Great Hall of Ordway Castle at Murray State rings full of the madrigals of Henry the 8th at 6 p.m. next Friday, December 3, and Saturday December 4.  Tickets are $25, reserved seating only at 809-4288.  Jesters prank.  The Lords and Ladies sashay and sing with royal trumpets, harpsichord and guitar.

We appreciate your company today and every day.  Explore our region at

Written by Matt Markgraf

November 26, 2010 at 10:10 am

morning cram [impending tome edition]

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“Talk about ‘the death of the book’ has been going on for more than a decade. But recent events suggest the end may be imminent for paper-bound books, which may never totally disappear, but they could become scary scarce like 8-track tapes, typewriters and wooden tennis rackets.”

~NPR reads into the future of books.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah’s Executive Inn super-duper liquidation sale is underway (44 days left). McCracken County (school) property tax rates stay the same. Princeton KY-91 roadwork is expected to cause traffic delays. LBL foresters: let’s thin some 500 acres of wooded areas. A judge rules prosecutors can push to put former-lawmaker/alleged-killer Steve Nunn to death. State furloughs will probably inconvenience some residents. Coal-loving legislators fear climate change consultation.

TENNESSEE~ The volunteer state has the highest sales tax in the nation. Rainfall raises the Cumberland River to 6 feet below flood stage. McWherter says Haslam won’t be environmentally objective.

morning cram (ticks & poison ivy edition)

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A study finds climate change is good for one thing: ticks & poison ivy.

bite me.

KY~ A man was charged with murder after an I-24 DUI hit ‘n run near Clarksville. Traffic will be restricted today @ the intersection of Bleich/Lone Oak Roads.  A Madisonville church group heads to Haiti. A pilot is injured after overshooting the Princeton airport. The Commonwealth is bringing executions back. Tea Party spurs activism… but not voting. (Accused killer) Nunn’s mental eval is scheduled this afternoon. The Attorney General warns us about the dangers of using Facebook.

TN~ E-Verify your (il)legal worker.