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morning cram [publicrelations edition]

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In the wake of last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, BP executives declared it was not their accident, blamed their contractors and made the company look arrogant and callous.

NPR reports BP‘s response has now become a textbook example of how not to do crisis management.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken officials want to disappear pay disparity between local law enforcement departments. Madisonville will vote Monday on whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales. Meteorologists predict ‘normal’ summer rainsKids get in free @ State Parks until Halloween. MSU’s Softball team wiped the field with Alabama State. GOP Gov-hopeful fundraising breakdown: Williams ($1.2m), Moffett ($100k), Holsclaw ($23k). Gov Beshear eBays extra airplanes.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville’s former Mayor says he’ll soon step down from his new controversial post. TDOT: no roadwork this Easter weekend.

ILLINOIS~ A 2nd day of purported progress in contract talks between Honeywell and USW.

morning cram [blessed shrimp edition]

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One year ago today, BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, spewing crude into the Gulf of Mexico.

NPR revisits a Cajun family living on the fragile edge of Louisiana for their community’s annual Blessing of the Fleet: a traditional launch of the shrimp season, where boats get blessed with holy water.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County’s public hearing yesterday for proposed Ohio River coal industry projects is swarmed with input. High winds last night took out some area trees and a few power lines. MSU mulls tuition hikes. Several area high schools hop on WKCTC’s Commonwealth Middle College program. College students learn about binge drinking. A one-vehicle wreck on KY-131/Said Rd proves fatal. I-24 in Lyon County gets blocked by a truck-fire. Police: dental records confirm skeletal remains belonged to a missing Marshall County man.

TENNESSEE~ Gov Haslam’s proposal to cap lawsuit damage$ makes progress. US-641 wreck claims one.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell Corp & USW talks make progress.

OVC SPORTS~ (Baseball) MSU< UE, APSU > Lipscomb, UTM > SIU-C; (Softball) UTM > Belmont x2.

morning cram [money’s real? edition]

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Why going back to the gold standard (when every dollar was backed by a vault full of gold) is a ‘wingnut’ argument.

NPR‘s Planet Money embarks on a journalistic quest by purchasing a gold coin to better understand the nature of money.

KENTUCKY~ A man remains missing after yesterday’s I-24 wreck. Governor Beshear handed out public safety grant$ in Paducah yesterday. How can university research programs boost college enrollment and grad rates? Legislation that would open up primary elections to independent voters makes headway and so does the Medicaid budget balancing bill.

TENNESSEE~ Closing Union City’s Goodyear Tire plant will put almost 2k out of work. Clarksville’s marina developer is having financing issues and a hotel there burned down (probably because of a methlab).

ILLINOIS~ After three days of talks, USW & Metropolis Honeywell officials still haven’t worked it out.


morning cram [creationism edition]

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A survey of high school biology teachers finds only 28% consistently follow National Research Council guidelines that encourage teaching students about evolution.

NPR News’ blog The Two-Way notes creationism is still taught in many American classrooms.

KENTUCKY~ A TV news reporter finds a missing autistic woman in Paducah. A Japanese auto parts maker plans to open up shop in Hopkinsville.  Guess how many meth labs it took to break a record last year. An initiative ending the Commonwealth’s ban on nuclear plants passes the Senate. A hearing on the proposed immigration bill continues today after yesterday’s session.

TENNESSEE~ Heart disease is the state’s top killer. A bill is expected to pass this year making the state’s driver’s license tests English-only.

ILLINOIS~ Metropolis Honeywell officials and union heads had a ‘constructive’ sitdown yesterday, and the union’s numbers are thinning as some move on to other jobs.

morning cram [ethanol edition]

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Starting next season, NASCAR will use a 15% ethanol-gas blend.

~NPR reports trade group Growth Energy signed a six-year deal with the racing outfit.

KENTUCKY~ A McCracken County man is charged with a local toddler’s murder. 3 Murray men are accused of stealing thousand$ in videogames. A Murray couple slips the local United Way some funding. Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce has a new chairman. Women’s Basketball: MSU < UTM.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville Police arrest an (alleged) bank robber. Paris’ Hospital officials OK an $8mil power plant.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell’s Metropolis plant leaks and contains some corrosive acid. SIU cuts 9 teachers and ravages wages at its Carbondale campus.

morning cram [charging edition]

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“The electric car is no longer just a project for smarty-pants MIT students.”

~NPR reports a convenient refueling infrastructure is still missing.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah school officials will invoke eminent domain to build a new middle school. A Paducah boy is hospitalized after playing a round of Russian Roulette. An attempted murder trial remains to be heard in Calloway County and a couple’s murder trial is pushed back a month. Western Kentucky telephone area codes will remain (270). Flags are flying half-staff today in honor of a former Air Force hero. Frozen pipes suck.

ILLINOIS~ A dispute between Metropolis’ Honeywell plant and a local union remains unsettled. State officials want to collect unpaid online sales taxes.

morning cram [taxilicious edition]

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The income tax is only part of the picture. There are property taxes, sales taxes and even taxes built into every cell phone bill.

~NPR documents how almost a quarter of one American family’s income goes to taxes.

KENTUCKY~ Four MSU faculty vie for a position on the school’s Board of Regents, citing  salaries as a top priority. A Nashville-based pro-Islamic group wants to break the ice between Mayfield and local Somali Muslims (who were recently denied a permit to build a mosque there). A Providence man dies in a car wreck. Hopkinsville opts to freeze its property taxes this year. Burn bans are in effect across the region (not in Calloway County though). A Fort Campbell captain died in Afghanistan. The state plans to scale back its public flu prevention campaign. Can Kentucky execute?

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County commissioners will vote next week on whether or not to fund building a new airport terminal. A Clarksville city councilman gets fined for ethics violations. A report finds TVA’s massive coal ash spill barely endangered the public health.

ILLINOIS~ Nuclear regulators continue to monitor the Honeywell plant.

morning cram [free tweet edition]

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“Young Egyptians are using social media to fight police brutality and urge a more open government.”

~NPR interviews activists and critics about Egypt’s social media movement.

KENTUCKY~ Mayfield Police accuse a Somali refugee of attempted kidnapping. An armed standoff with Madisonville Police ends peacefully. A year-long police investigation lands an (alleged) Marshall County meth dealer in jail. A 2nd water main breaks in Paducah this week. Cadiz begins reaping taxes off of now-legal alcohol sales. 60 Fort Campbell medics return from Iraq today. Jobless rates decline across the Commonwealth. Senate Prez Williams is acting like he wants to be the next governor.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville’s cable TV bills to go up by $1.40 next month.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell & union reps may meet again soon. Quinn wants property tax relief (and to increase income taxes).

morning cram [rip ted edition]

leave a comment »“The gruesome details of the airplane crash that killed Ted Stevens and four others emerge as investigators work to figure out how the plane crashed into a mountain during a fishing trip. Three teenagers and their parents were on the plane, including the former head of NASA.”

~NPR hears how weather may have played a role in the crash.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah announces surprise savings on its bond refinancing and votes next week to hire a new city manager. (Another) Paducah pastor is accused of stealing: this time from an elderly woman. Police ID a Calloway County couple thought to be a murder-suicide. The Regional US Census Bureau pats the Commonwealth’s back for participating. Rand Paul tells Sean Hannity last weekend’s Fancy Farm stumping event was a wild affair, packed with beer-throwing and booing partisan picnickers.

TENNESSEE~ The state’s Agriculture Commissioner is now a senior adviser for the McWherter (for governor) camp.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell Corp and United Steelworkers disagree (yet) again. A metropolis man wanted on child sex crime charges makes Fox’s America’s Most Wanted list.

morning cram [hindu psychiatry edition]

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“In India, there is only 1 psychiatrist for every 400,000 people. It means that most people go untreated for substance abuse problems, severe depression and psychotic disorders. Or rather, they go untreated by doctors. Instead, they turn to the gods.”

~NPR hears prayers asking Shiva to purge the mentally ill of evil spirits.

KENTUCKY~ Current McCracken developers want new subdivision changes to apply to them. A former-Ledbetter pastor is charged with stealing from his church. A Kevil woman gets indicted for complicity to first-degree manslaughter. 2 suspects are in custody for a drive-by in a Farley neighborhood. Police suspect a Calloway County couple died in a murder-suicide. State Police pull up +800 pot plants. Murray State is one step closer to launching a biomass project. Owensboro’s famous Moonlite BBQ Inn is damaged in a fire. Education officials present the Commonwealth’s Race to the Top application in Washington DC today.

TENNESSEE~ A former Clarksville narcotics detective gets arrested for buying painkillers. TVA says electricity demand (almost) broke records last week.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell vs. United Steelworkers: talks resume today.