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the morning cram [Don’t look him in the eye! It challenges him! He doesn’t like that edition!]

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All eyes (and crosshairs) are on Newt as he attempts to stay on top.

NPR reports Newt needs to put his dukes up and keep them up if he hopes to win Iowa.

Kentucky~  That’s right, MSU wins again! Two McCracken men are arrested for inappropriate relationships with Lone Oak High School students.  The Carlisle school bus driver who was at the wheel in a deadly crash faces charges.  The state uses grants to pretty up state parks.  Beshear is asked to make pension records public. Sandhill Cranes are making a comeback, quick somebody shoot ’em!

the morning cram [back again for the first time edition]

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Restaurants across the country are finding new inspiration from an old source.

NPR reports soda fountain recipes are popping up in restaurants across the land as consumers shy away from industrial soft-drinks.

Kentucky~ 8,000 people and 1 radio station transmitter went without power this morning.There’s funny money in Paducah. A Deputy Jailer tries to bring in some contraband, ends up with some new digs.  Two Mayfield police officers are in trouble with the city.  An attorney for the truck driver in the Amish buggy crash says his client was sober.


Check The Front Blog for Primary Results

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Frequent Blog Readers!
Check here or the WKMS web site for Kentucky Primary election results tonight. We’ll post countywide races for the Purchase and Pennyrile. We’ll also have statewide race results.

And to add more value to this post:
Something completely different, the following video has no direct election context. One might draw a connection to how some counties election processes go because they haven’t adopted new E-scan voting machine technology.

Written by Chad Lampe

May 18, 2010 at 12:52 pm