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the morning cram [junk food attack edition]

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Is it wrong that junk food ads target teens?

NPR reports the government wants junk food ads to quit targeting kids not only on t.v., but also online, in schools, and in stores.

Kentucky~ Paducahans may be greener in the future. The flood wall murals need work. Karen Comer’s family members pull a tricky move to keep Burke in prison. A KSP Trooper is awarded a medal for sacrificing his life nearly 40 years ago.

Tennessee~ Piper has resigned from his CDE Lightband position.

morning cram [drill here edition]

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Many of the world’s biggest oil suppliers are in harm’s way as political strife besets North Africa and the Middle East. All the while, international demand for oil is up and gas prices are rising.

NPR reports American politicians are renewing campaigns to drill more at home.

KENTUCKY~ A woman pleads not guilty to charges she abandoned her injured toddler on I-24 (while allegedly in a bath salt-induced, zombie-like state). A Hopkinsville man pleads not guilty to murder charges. Study: Murray would totally be a cool place to host a convention. Paducah’s inflatable dome pavilion will be popping up next week. Meet the state’s new education crusaderSenators balk @ Governor Beshear’s Medicaid fix and a committee likes a bill that would let school board candidates collect more donations. Murray State’s Lady Racers bow out of the OVC tourney.

TENNESSEE~ Paris’ municipal records are in shambles and its former city recorder is being investigated. Clarksville’s Greenway foot bridge is out and heavy rains are to blame.


morning cram [middle class edition]

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President Obama sets off on a multi-state, 3-day political tour today, designed to appeal to middle-class voters, many of whom are dissatisfied with the state of the economy on his watch.

~NPR details the president’s plans.

KENTUCKY~ Bardwell’s J-Mack Cookers wins Paducah’s BBQ on the River grand championship (for a 4th year in a row). The Executive Inn liquidation sale is almost over and demo teams ready to tear down the former hotel. Former Barkley School of Law students won’t have to pay back all their loans. 3 Michigan men are jailed in Christian County for a mobile methlab. An autopsy is scheduled this morning on a decomposed body found near Earlington. Official: I-69 development slow, but coming. The state’s Episcopalians now have a new leader. Jack accuses Rand of accepting donations from white supremacists.

OVC SPORTS~ (football) MSU > UTM, APSU < WU. (women’s soccer) MSU & UTM < EKU & MHSU; SEMO > APSU > EIU.

morning cram [taxilicious edition]

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The income tax is only part of the picture. There are property taxes, sales taxes and even taxes built into every cell phone bill.

~NPR documents how almost a quarter of one American family’s income goes to taxes.

KENTUCKY~ Four MSU faculty vie for a position on the school’s Board of Regents, citing  salaries as a top priority. A Nashville-based pro-Islamic group wants to break the ice between Mayfield and local Somali Muslims (who were recently denied a permit to build a mosque there). A Providence man dies in a car wreck. Hopkinsville opts to freeze its property taxes this year. Burn bans are in effect across the region (not in Calloway County though). A Fort Campbell captain died in Afghanistan. The state plans to scale back its public flu prevention campaign. Can Kentucky execute?

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County commissioners will vote next week on whether or not to fund building a new airport terminal. A Clarksville city councilman gets fined for ethics violations. A report finds TVA’s massive coal ash spill barely endangered the public health.

ILLINOIS~ Nuclear regulators continue to monitor the Honeywell plant.

morning cram [bulletproof edition]

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“Protecto Glass is one of 14 armoring companies certified by Mexico’s federal government. In a normal year, the company bulletproofs roughly 120 cars. But last year they did 170.”

~NPR hears how Mexico’s ultra-violent drug war is a boon for the country’s security sector (3/5).

KENTUCKY~ You can meet Paducah’s top 4 city manager finalists tomorrow and the city will be home to the state’s first LEED-certified public housing complex. Harrison Yonts gets paroled and his victim’s son decries the justice system fails. The meth epidemic incarcerates another four. 2 men are dead in a Christian County wreck. Coal miners criticize Rand Paul‘s comments on safety rules, while the state’s coal lobby claims confidence is slipping in federal regulations are slipping.

TENNESSEE~ Major repaving work on Fort Campbell and Providence Boulevards begins next week. TVA touts higher power sales; points to heat waves.