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Datebook: February 22 – George Washington Turns 280

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George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 (and died December 14, 1799). We all know him as the 1st U.S. President (1789-1797), and as a great military leader. He was elected unanimously and oversaw the creation of a strong, well-financed government that maintained neutrality in the wars raging in Europe. He was born into a wealthy Colonial Virginia family, who owned tobacco plantations and slaves. He was mentored by William Fairfax, who promoted his career into the military. He quickly became a senior officer in the colonial forces during the French and Indian War. As  Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army, he forced the British out of Boston in 1776, but lost New York City. After crossing the Delaware River, he defeated the British in two battles, and retook New Jersey. Washintgon strategized the capture of Saratoga in 1777 and Yorktown in 1781. As President, he supported Alexander Hamilton’s programs to pay off the debt, to implement a tax system, and to create a national bank. He was outspoken against partisanship, sectoinalism, and involvement in foreign wars. He retired from presidency in 1797 and returned to his home, Mount Vernon. He freed his slaves in his will. At his death, Washington was hailed as “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen”.

It’s Wednesday, February 22

The American Red Cross holds a blood drive at First Presbyterian Church in Murray tomorrow from 12:30 to 5:30.  Donors must be healthy, at least seventeen years old, and at least 110 pounds.  Schedule an appointment by calling 800-RED-CROSS.

The Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park hosts an Oil Painting Weekend this Saturday and Sunday.  Learn the wet-on-wet method of oil painting by creating your own 16×20 landscape painting.  The fees are $65 for one class or $120 for both classes and the Friday night program.  For more information, call Rebecca Clark at 797-3421.

The Murray State University Department of Theater presents Suddenly Last Summer, by Tennessee Williams, tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Actor’s Studio Theater.  The play tells the story of a young woman who seems to go insane after her cousin dies under mysterious circumstances. Admission is $8, or free for MSU students.

Tomorrow at noon, hear Swinging into the 21st Century with Wynton Marsalis.  Find details at

Datebook: December 29 – Inventor of Chicken Nugget Turns 90

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Robert C. Baker was born on December 29, 1921 (and died March 13, 2006). He was a professor of food science at Cornell University who invented the chicken nugget as well as many other poultry related inventions. He was considered the “George Washington Carver of poultry.” McDonald’s is often falsely credited for inventing the chicken nugget, but in fact, Baker published his chicken nugget recipe in the 1950s as unpatented academic work and McDonald’s patented theirs in 1979.

Do you want to make Baker’s chicken nuggets? Here’s his recipe:

It’s Thursday, December 29

Maiden Alley Cinema presents the psychological thriller “Martha Marcy May Marlene” starring Elizabeth Olsen, Hugh Dancy, and John Hawkes, rated R. The film shows at 7 and at 9 tomorrow night. For additional weekend showtimes, visit

The Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park invites you to celebrate the New Year on Saturday night. The park’s package includes dinner, a dance, and a continental breakfast on Sunday. For information and reservations, call 1-800-325-1711.

Paris Landing State Park hosts “Shiver on the River” this Sunday at 2:30 at the Marina boat ramp. The event raises money for the REAL Hope Youth Center. Individuals making a minimum contribution of $25 will receive a t-shirt and a free buffet after the awards ceremony. There’s an award for the best costume. The event will be held rain or snow. Find more at

Visit us online at, where you can find more community events. Thanks for listening.

Datebook: November 9 – First Gridiron Football Game 150 Years Ago

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The first documented gridiron (North American) football match was a game played on November 9, 1861, at University College, University of Toronto. One of the participants in the game involving University of Toronto students was Sir William Mulock, later Chancellor of the school. Canadian football is a form of gridiron football played almost exclusively in Canada in which two teams of 12 players each compete for territorial control of a field of play 110 yards long and 65 yards wide attempting to advance a pointed prolate spheroid ball into the opposing team’s end zone. In Canada, the term football usually refers to Canadian football and American football collectively. The two sports have shared origins and are closely related, but have significant differences—in particular, 12 players on the field per team in Canadian football rather than 11, and three downs per possession rather than four. The fewer number of downs in Canadian football results in less offensive rushing than in the American game.

It’s Wednesday, November 9th

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park offers Veterans a storytelling weekend. Register from 5 to 6 p.m. Friday. Blood River to Berlin author Mike Freeland leads “Experience of War Stories” at 7 p.m. and again at 10 a.m. Saturday. At 1 p.m. Saturday, Freeland leads a session “How to Write Your Story.” Freeland signs books at 3. Call the park at 800-325-1711 for details.

LBL offers veterans free admission to the Homeplace, Elk and Bison Prairie, Woodlands Nature Station and Golden Pond Planetarium. Pick up passes for the Prairie at the Visitor’s Center from 9 to 5. Wranglers Campground and Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle Area are also issuing free permits.

Hopkinsville Art Guild’s 3rd Annual Art Auction begins with a buffet dinner at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Guild Art Gallery and Studio at Bradford Square Mall, 4000 Ft. Campbell Boulevard. Tickets are $15. The live auction starts at 7. Paintings, photographs, jewelry, pottery and wood turnings are featured items.

Please take care of your fall pledge now at Thanks!


Datebook: September 1 – ANZUS Treaty Signed 60 Years Ago

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The Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty (ANZUS or ANZUS Treaty) was signed on September 1, 1951. It is the military alliance which binds Australia and New Zealand and, separately, Australia and the United States to cooperate on defence matters in the Pacific Ocean area, though today the treaty is understood to relate to attacks in any area. The Australia–US alliance under the ANZUS Treaty remains in full force. Heads of defense of one or both nations often have joined the annual ministerial meetings, which are supplemented by consultations between the US Combatant Commander Pacific and the Australian Chief of Defense Force. There are also regular civilian and military consultations between the two governments at lower levels. Annual meetings to discuss ANZUS defense matters take place between the United States Secretary of State and the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs (AUSMIN). The most recent AUSMIN meeting took place in Melbourne in November 2010.

It’s Thursday, September 1

Laynie Alba Mitchell offers Early Childhood Music Classes and Preparatory Piano Classes this fall. The early childhood classes meet for nine weeks on Saturdays and Mondays at the Murray Art Guild, 500 North 4th Street, starting September 12. The piano classes run for 12 weeks Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Ms. Mitchell’s home at 1553 Oxford, Murray.

Friday evening at 6:30 The Looking Glass Coffee and Curiosities on Lindell Street in Martin hosts folk Musician Daniel Musgrave. Speak up at the open mic From 7:30 to 8:30.

This weekend Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park near Dawson Springs offers naturalist-guided hikes, arts and crafts, and landscape photography. Nashville Recording artist Matt Snook performs Sunday at 7 p.m. behind the lodge.

Paris starts the Labor Day Weekend with lunch on the courthouse lawn at noon tomorrow including the music of Branded Country. Project Graduation and The Downtown Paris Association fundraise with lunch concessions.

Hear a conversation with MSU President Dr. Randy Dunn on Friday’s Front Page AM. See our entire schedule at

Datebook: April 4 – William Henry Harrison dies 170 years ago

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Read William Henry Harrison’s presidential biography –

It’s Monday, April 4.

Columbus Belmont State Park needs volunteers for a clean up day Saturday beginning at 9 a.m.  Help repair earthworks, pick up debris and plant shrubs.  You’ll get a t-shirt, lunch, and free admission to the Museum.  Columbus Belmont is on the Mississippi in Hickman County.  Call 270-677-2327 for details.

The Humane Society of Calloway County’s Yard Sale is Saturday from 9 to 2 at the Calloway County Library Annex on Main Street.  No clothing accepted, but bring everything else to donate to the Annex between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Friday.  Volunteers are also needed for both days.

Learn about frogs, lizards and snakes at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park’s Herpetology Weekend Friday through Sunday.  Scott Shupe gives a program on reptiles Friday at 7 p.m..  Saturday MSU professor Ed Zimmerer leads herping field trips and then presents a program on regional amphibians Saturday at 7 p.m.  Call 800-325-1711 for more.

We’re very close to the fundraiser goal. Call 800-599-4737 to help finish at goal today, or do the same at  Thanks!