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the morning cram [junk food attack edition]

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Is it wrong that junk food ads target teens?

NPR reports the government wants junk food ads to quit targeting kids not only on t.v., but also online, in schools, and in stores.

Kentucky~ Paducahans may be greener in the future. The flood wall murals need work. Karen Comer’s family members pull a tricky move to keep Burke in prison. A KSP Trooper is awarded a medal for sacrificing his life nearly 40 years ago.

Tennessee~ Piper has resigned from his CDE Lightband position.

morning cram [chinese-italian edition]

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“For more than a thousand years, the Italian town of Prato in the heart of Tuscany has been a textile center synonymous with top-quality craftsmanship. Now, it has become home to the largest concentration of Chinese residents in Europe.”

NPR reports on China’s expanding influence in the world.

KENTUCKY ~ Kentucky gets recycling grants, biggest grants are McCracken County and Pennyrile Regional. Paducah commissioner discuss revised (stricter) fireworks ordinance. UK prez signs a contract, will get 500K salary. Conscientious objector charged with child pornography, objector claims discrimination.  General Campbell may get third star.

ILLINOIS ~ Governor signs “landmark” education bill. Illinois state police review charges of racial bias.

TENNESSEE ~ Clarksville city budget set for vote, some concerned about appropriation of funds.  Obion among counties seeking agriculture disaster assistance.

the morning cram [sext scandal edition]

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Is sexting without a physical relationship cheating?

NPR reports that in the wake of the Weiner scandal, many ponder the degree of wrong involved in a sexting relationship.

Kentucky~ The Paducah City Commission discussed the new budget (more money for schools, less for ice-skating). A former Fort Campbell soldier has been charged with stealing military equipment. State roads may be cleaner this week, its Summer-Scrub-Week. The state aviation department discussed a new budget as they have less planes than last year (they sold the mosquito plane).

Tennessee~ Gov Haslam signs two acts into law; one to prevent meth, the other to prevent Mexicans.

morning cram [caffeine fix edition]

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The line separating caffeine pros and cons is muddled.

NPR reports the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping children away from caffeine, even as hordes of new products hit the shelves.

Kentucky~ Graves County Amish appeal denied; they’ll have to keep the orange triangle on their buggies. The state Historical Society gets a grant for oral history. The Paducah City Commisioners voted on a new budget. Clinton residents may have to pay more for water. Fish and Wildlife officials plan to allow some sandhill crane hunting.

Tennessee~ The state tops $13 mil in recovery aid.