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morning cram [online black market edition]

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“It’s sort of the exact opposite of getting two references when you’re applying for a job; rather than vouching for you as an upstanding, law-abiding citizen, you’re getting people to attest to your deviousness.”

NPR reports on an online megamall for stolen credit cards.


Kentucky- Senator Mitch McConnell is meeting in Bowling Green today to discuss his call to send two men facing terrorism charges to Guantanamo Bay. Governor Beshear is selling off surplus land to create state revenue.

Illinois- Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon is urging the state’s food producers to apply for federal grants to promote farmers markets.

Tennessee- The Montgomery County, Tennessee Redistricting Committee has begun the process of examining and re-drawing new county commission district lines. US Representative Stephen Fincher’s corrected personal financial disclosure was released.

morning cram [shooter-dot-com edition]

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“As the authorities sort out motives from emotions in the Arizona shooting rampage, one aspect of the multiple-tragedies event is clear: Jared Loughner, the alleged gunman, had an active Internet presence.”

NPR links up the connection between shooters and the internet.

KENTUCKY ~ Paducah’s mayor will head the Kentucky League of Cities. The Jefferson County Clerk may become the third candidate in the GOP gov. primary. A Graves County judge says identification from a photo lineup will be admissible in a Mayfield kidnapping trial. Technology benefits war vets, while Kentucky’s tax receipts are looking good, but they may be flat the rest of the year.   Get your firewood at Land Between the Lakes.

ILLINOIS ~ Pat Quinn starts his first full term as state governor.