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World Music from WKMS

Imported airs Sundays @ midnight on WKMS or listen to it On-Demand here.

This episode is fun! We start out in Iceland with a pair of great selections from there, play a bit of Moby, then bounce from Paris to Quebec jamming to some indie rock and the lyrically-soothing rap of MC Solaar. We feature a nice Bollywood track from India and get a little poppy with Lykke Li. Come take a quick spin around the world with us!

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Thanks for traveling with us!  ❤ Chris & Georgena


| PLAYLIST  (artist/album/song) |

Bjork – Debut – Human Behaviour
Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun – Staralfur
Moby – MiniPak Hits – Slipping Away

Mc Solaar – Cinquieme as – Les Colonies

Arcade Fire – Arcade Fire EP – The Woodland National Anthem
Rhapodija Trio – Poetical Roentgen Kabinet – Le Quattro Stagioni_L’estate_1l Cuculo
Malajube – Trompe_L’oeil – Pate Filo
Ida Maria – Fortress Round My Heart – Stella
Lata Mangeshkar Sonu Nigam – Bollywood An Anothology of Songs – Kahamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi
Lykke Li – Everybody But Me – Discolated (Diskjokke Remix)