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the morning cram [converse all stars…I know you want some edition]

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You know what kicks you should rock in China? The same ones you rock everywhere else…Chucks.

NPR reports since 2007, sales of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in China have gone up about fifty percent.

Kentucky~ The Racers get GameDay’s attention (next step, Dickie V). Get lucky drawers out, it’s gamblin time. Good news, we can now leave children behind. The drop-out age could be on its way up.

Tennessee~ You can still say gay, at least for a little while. If you don’t want your kids to participate in extracurricular activities, you’re pushing for this one. Haslam wants more kids per teacher (because handling 30 kids is just too easy).

the morning cram [scared investor edition]

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The roller coaster ride that is the stock market has investors scared.

NPR reports that investors have a plethora of reasons to be nervous about the market, as numerous uncontrollable variables factor into their concerns.

Illinois~ Brookport’s Mayor quits over a fight with the Chief. Foreclosure rates are down throughout the state.

Tennessee~ Duncan says Tenn education is heading the right direction. Ramsey excuses Rick Perry’s support of Al Gore.

morning cram [savvy edition]

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Al-Qaida’s English-language online magazine Inspire has sparked a frenzy of activity in the counterterrorism community, reacting to its savvy western-editorial style.

~NPR reads one of the magazine’s headlines: “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County Schools face sticker shock from higher than expected construction bids and nearby Contest Road is closed today. Mayfield’s Zoning Board will again review the city’s permit denial for a mosque there. Murray’s Chamber of Commerce plans to survey its members on what they think of city services. State tax collections are up!

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville’s mayoral candidates differ on industrial recruiting.

ILLINOIS~ Metropolis’ United Steel Workers and Honeywell Corp head to the negotiation table (again) today.

morning cram [toxie’s dead edition]

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Toxie, NPR‘s Planet Money toxic asset pet, died this week. She was killed by one of the worst housing busts in U.S. history.

~NPR illustrates Toxie’s life on the Planet Money blog.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah’s Housing Authority is going to be a lot more big brother-like next summer. Murray’s mayoral candidates will debate @ MSU in October. Mayfield will vote next month on the ACLU’s request to reverse its mosque denial. State Police find a gun and drugs during an I-24 traffic stop. Lawmakers hear more about state furloughs from Beshear’s Personnel Secretary. Rep. Whitfield wants to make it easier to dispose of prescription/controlled substances. The state’s No Child Left Behind test scores are disappointing.

TENNESSEE~ A federal judge rules the state’s ballot requirements for 3rd parties is unconstitutional.

morning cram [tea victories edition]

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“Two largely unknown Republican Senate primary candidates, driven by Tea Party movement money and energy, rocked entrenched party opponents yesterday.”

~NPR reports as all major primaries close, fall’s campaign machines switch on.

KENTUCKY~ Economic development official: Paducah benefits from MSU. MSU faculty vote in Jack Rose to Board of Regents. Marion will find out at month’s end how much a new fire department will cost. Adopt-a-Highway programs are revving up for next week’s sweep. A local conservation group nabs a $100k federal grant to educate the public about runoff pollution. High area pollen counts stop up local noses.

TENNESSEE~ A TBI investigation clears Clarksville’s mayor. McWherter debates Haslam @ Tennessee Tech. Middle schoolers are scoring higher in reading/math. APSU Lady Govs trounce Alabama A&M (6-0).

morning cram (goldman-scams edition)

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I want a cigar.

Sketchy investing.

KY~ Paducah suitor Breedlove delays his date with officials and the city nabs a $900k marina grant. A rock climber falls/dies near Princeton. A Union County mine is dangerous. Lanes will be restricted on Highway 408. Nortonville has a new mayor. Western Kentucky may one day be a giant sinkhole. State begins to systematically assess a half-million students. Beshear invites Williams/Stumbo for a sitdown. While Rand has Sarah Palin in his pocket, Trey gets backed by Rudy Giuliani.

TN~ State legislature bans public funding for abortions and there’s some progress supporting DUI ignition locks.