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morning cram [clunkin’ edition]

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A study finds the government’s ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program boosted auto sales by 360,000 during its two month run, but in the following seven months sales were down that same number.

~NPR breaks down what that implies.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken’s planned consolidated high school may already be too small. Two (alleged) thieves admit they used a doggy door to break into a home. The state plans to email overseas absentee ballots. Many counties are (officially) in a drought. The lawsuit seeking an injunction on state worker furloughs is DENIED.

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County’s Sheriff implements a massive personnel overhaul. Blue Cross / Blue Shield may cut 100 jobs. TVA gets a pat on the back for its economic development efforts.

SPORTS~ The football season begins! MSU < KSU; APSU > CU.

morning cram (cut ‘n cap edition)

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Top Hat.. Top Kill.. Cut ‘n Cap.

KY~ A home invasion in Marshall County ends with high speed police chase. Korean War heroes honored in Paducah. Calvert City community rallies around injured cop. Laptops may replace textbooks @ McCracken High. The new state highway maps show off horse culture. Odds improve for winning future Race to the Top funds.

TN~ Campaign issues wind up in budget talks. Farmers can apply for aid.

morning cram (arcade fire edition)

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A good band on NPR.ORG @ 11am.

KY~ Paducah clears all liens on its Executive Inn and avoids a lawsuit. Paducah High developers get a bargain. Hopkinsville’s 911 will be doing some deficit spending. OMG!!! A state budget might break through. Rand gets help from daddy’s former aid. Republican Bill Johnson eyes Beshear’s job.

TN~ Reserve your 2012 job @ Hemlock Semiconductor now. FEMA approves disaster fund$ for Henry County. Bredesen vetoes guns in bars bill but expects an override. Just when you thought it slowed to a stop, the Super Speeder Bill revs foward (again).

SPORTS~ MSU @ the 2010 OVC baseball tourney today.