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the morning cram [cheap drugs edition]

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Many big name, expensive drugs are going generic as they reach the ‘patent cliff’.

NPR reports many big name, big money drugs like Lipitor and Nexium are reaching the ‘patent cliff’ and will soon be available in generic versions.

Kentucky~ Paducah honors black Civil War soldiers. Oak Grove parents drop pointless lawsuit. Sec of State candidates differ on photo id law. Williams/Farmer hit the road.

Tennessee~ Montgomery man saves bald eagle.

Datebook: July 13 – Nathan Bedford Forrest turns 190

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Nathan Bedford Forrest was born on July 13, 1821 (and died October 29, 1877. He was a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War and is remembered as a leading southern advocate in the postwar years and as the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. He was less educated than many of his fellow officers, but had amassed a fortune prior to the war as a planter, real estate investor and slave trader. Although Forrest lacked formal military education, he had a gift for strategy and tactics. He was accused of war crimes at the Battle of Fort Pillow for allowing forces under his command to conduct a massacre upon hundreds of black Union Army and white Southern Unionist prisoners. In their postwar writings, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee both expressed their belief that the Confederate high command had failed to fully utilize Forrest’s talents.

It’s Wednesday, July 13th

Murray State’s MFA Summer Reading series concludes tonight at 7:30 with a reading by author Jessica Handler. Her book Invisible Sisters: A Memoir has been named one of “Twenty-Five Books All Georgians Should Read.” The reading will take place in the Clara Eagle Gallery on the sixth floor of the Price Doyle Fine Arts Building.

Bring your lawn chairs to Wrangler’s Campground this Friday and Saturday night to watch the 15th Annual Grand Jubilee and Primitive Rodeo. Events begin at 8PM both nights. For admission prices and more information, visit

The Mayfield/Graves County Art Guild invites local artists and writers to submit their work for the Harvey Parker Community Show, which will run August 2nd through the 27th. The show is open to artists of all experience levels, and there is no charge to participate. All entries must be submitted by July 23; call ahead to reserve a space at (270) 247-6971.

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