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morning cram [armed coeds edition]

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Is the answer to mass shootings on college campuses to arm students and staff?

NPR reports eight states have proposed legislation that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on campus.

KENTUCKY~ It’s Tim Masthay Day in Murray. A defense attorney claims McCracken County Sheriff’s deputies used a misleading affidavit to obtain a search warrant. Ex-Mayfield Mayor Arthur Byrn’s nepotism allegations don’t pan out. Paducah’s Quilt Museum will soon need a new leader. The House passes a ban on bath salts. Education officials get ready to change how the state tests and evaluates schools.

TENNESSEE~ Lawmakers propose a bill to track cold-med (meth ingredients) sales. The AP alleges Governor Haslam dodged reporters after hiding his income.

ILLINOIS~ A pair of gay rights groups launch an online site to track the state’s civil unions.


morning cram [honey buzz edition]

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“So why are people so gaga for bees? Well, for starters, there’s renewed interest in the age-old health claims about honey.”

~NPR hears the buzz.

KENTUCKY~ Police nab a man wanted on meth charges and the woman they claim was hiding him. Kentucky State Penitentiary @ Eddyville’s enforcement of visitation restrictions has upset volunteer pastors and inmates. Ownership of Murray’s Glendale Place Senior Living Community may soon change hands. The State Inspector General clears a Madisonville nursing home of wrongdoing in a fire-injury case. Work begins today on Eggner’s Ferry Bridge (expect delays). The mother of former-lawmaker Steve Nunn’s (alleged) victim is suing several Lexington-area community associations.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville Police fires a former (fraudster) detective. Montgomery County refines how it deals with aggressive dogs.

ILLINOIS~ A man is dead after a shootout with police. A woman finishes an almost 1k-mile swim down the Ohio River. Governor Quinn cuts his staff’s pay after taking flack for giving out raises.

morning cram [judicial edition]

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U.S. Supreme Court justices have left “literally hundreds of pages of new law issued in the last week of the term alone.”

~ NPR showcases the latest struggles between the executive and judicial branches.

KENTUCKY~ Police shut down the East I-24 Ohio River Bridge to reconstruct a fatal accident. A man pleads (almost guilty) to dog fighting charges. The US 68/80 path through LBL shifts to newly constructed lanes.  Study: the Ohio River is filled with trace amounts of cocaine and antidepressantsAnother Fort Campbell hero killed. Edu guru Terry Holliday wants to avoid disaster days using the interweb. Chamber of Commerce: strategy working! Tax collection is down (two years in a row). Senate Prez David Williams (could be) mulling a run for governor. Rand’s recent comments anger some poor areas of the Commonwealth.

TENNESSEE~ A Henry County jury indicts (alleged) murderer. 1-year-old texting ban yields (only) 88 tickets.