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the morning cram [Kentucky hero edition]

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Forget once more into the breach, this Kentuckian went 5 times…

NPR reports a Kentucky Soldier has given us all an updated definition of courage.

Kentucky~ Mayfield Elementary now has some extra cash for their music program. Kentucky penal reforms are making a change in inmate populations.  The State Ethics Board convenes to look at gubernatorial no-nos. The GOP looks to drop the automatic disqualification rule.

Tennessee~ UT Martin is a little shy on students this semester. Tennessee’s credit rating may be fluctuating due to outside influences.

morning cram [pension envy edition]

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The budget showdown in Wisconsin and other states has brought to light the differences between public and private retirement plans.

A pension researcher tells NPR private sector workers have pension envy because it seems their public sector peers are getting a better retirement deal.

KENTUCKY~ The bodies of 3 Graves County children have been recovered after a horse-drawn buggy was swept into a creek. Here’s a rundown of the damage brought by last night’s storm. Optometrists can soon do laser eye surgery. Senators will vote Monday on revamping the state’s penal code and a House committee doesn’t like tacking ultrasound requirements to abortions performed in the state. The Army Corps of Engineers is operating area dams to manage lake levels and minimize flooding.

OVC BASKETBALL~ (Men’s) MSU beats Morehead for its 22nd Ohio Valley Conference title, APSU > EIU, UTM > EKU; (Women’s) MSU < MhSU, APSU < EIU, UTM > EKU.

morning cram (break the spring edition)

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BOO! or YAY! Healthcare passed yesterday… without help from Tanner or Whitfield.

KY~ Police search for an escaped Paducah inmate. Police radios didn’t help a convicted felon avoid arrest for long. McCracken County commissioners may decide tonight where to build a new Emergency Operations Center. A Graves County fire kills 2. MSU bows out of March Madness tourney. The General Assembly has only 9 days to get ‘r done. State sees a 14% increase in foodstamp usage.

TN~ A Clarksville rapper is stabbed to death. A Martin teacher faces federal sex charges.

morning cram (tgiff edition)

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double the ffun.

KY~ The ’97 Heath High School shooter will have an appeal hearing. Consultants suggests Paducah should get a facelift. A new fluorspar mine opens in Livingston County. Last year’s statewide jobless rate is the worst since 1983. The House passes a new tax package worth +$300m. Senators are still debating that tracking (Amanda’s) bill. The Commonwealth makes the Top 16 for federal Race to the Top funding.

TN~ Clarksville won’t vote on city charter now. Paris/Martin win downtown revitalization prize. Obion County’s Mayor is upset over the denial of federal riverport grants. UT deal backs a good deal for truckers.