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the morning cram [the double secret probation edition]

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Surprise! Big schools bring in big money.

NPR reports Harvard and Yale once again top the list of colleges for money received in 2011.

Kentucky~ Gov. Steve Beshear defends Paducah’s nuclear-enrichment plant. The University of Pikeville could become a part of the state’s higher education system. The House approves an Amish buggy bill. New legislation could give whistleblowers a cash reward. A teen is charged with killing her newborn child. Surface mining opponents rally in Frankfort. Paducah’s Fountain Avenue comes a step closer to restoration.

morning cram (masses choose it edition)

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How does Brown turn a blue state purple?

KY~ Paxton still wants to bail out Greyhound. Executive Inn should be gone by November. Watch out for I24 work (Paducah’s exit 3). Paducah to try serial killer. Judge Woodall, what’s a territory? PETA decries Fort Campbell pig killings. Hopkinsville Community College pushes state to retract cuts. A license to poke. Beshear: slot money is only (practical) option.