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the morning cram [the shaken, not stirred, edition]

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Syrian regime has “License to Kill” after diplomatic impasse

NPR reports at least 15 dead following government bombings this weekend

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ Thousands of Kentuckians visited the downed Eggners Ferry Bridge.  Emergency management officials say they are better prepared to handle disasters. Two have been arrested in connection to the slaying of a Fort Campbell soldier.  Activists invite lawmakers to a  tea party.

Tennessee~ Six state environmental panels are being reduced to three. A state-wide earthquake drill is set for Tuesday.

the morning cram [crowded house edition]

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The Human population just hit seven billion this morning.

NPR reports just two centuries after the world population was 1 billion, we’ve now hit the 7 mark. Some are worried about overpopulation while others contend many hands make light work.

Kentucky~     Some local Amish really don’t like that orange warning sign. Fulton is trying to take out the trash.   OVC football scores are in. The Department of Education wants to track alternative schools. Gubernatorial candidates face off in their last debate tonight.

Tennessee~ The state is trying to figure out what to do with wild hogs (the animal, not the movie).

Illinois~  SIU is hosting Native American life and culture celebration. Elementary Schools are improving across the state.

morning cram [drink it down edition]

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“Researchers at Brigham Young University have found that teenagers who grow up with parents who are either too strict or too indulgent tend to binge drink more than their peers.”

NPR swallows the research results.

KENTUCKY ~ Christmas trees are sleeping with the fishes. Murder suspect in deeper trouble after jail assault. Fort Campbell MP accused of killing his girlfriend. Predicting the future: education and renewable energy a state struggle. Former governor eyes Senate Majority Leader position.

TENNESSEE ~ Plant closure leads to spike in Montgomery County unemployment.

morning cram (goldman-scams edition)

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I want a cigar.

Sketchy investing.

KY~ Paducah suitor Breedlove delays his date with officials and the city nabs a $900k marina grant. A rock climber falls/dies near Princeton. A Union County mine is dangerous. Lanes will be restricted on Highway 408. Nortonville has a new mayor. Western Kentucky may one day be a giant sinkhole. State begins to systematically assess a half-million students. Beshear invites Williams/Stumbo for a sitdown. While Rand has Sarah Palin in his pocket, Trey gets backed by Rudy Giuliani.

TN~ State legislature bans public funding for abortions and there’s some progress supporting DUI ignition locks.

morning cram (boat-loss edition)

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Listen to the Front Page (here) today @ noon.

KY~ Reidland-Farley will take out a loan and sell that boat for a loss. Damage estimates top $200k @ Irvin Cobb Apts. McCracken throws convention board a bone. A Hopkinsville  woman wins a $1m jackpot and her mayor bids for second term. Stumbo suggests tax reform. The senate will vote on an abortion law. Social workers lobby for more protection$. State Auditor Luallen says colon screenings shouldn’t be taboo.

TN~ Incoming senate vote on Bredesen’s education plan.

IL~ Massac County needs a new Emergency Director.

NCAA(Men’s) MSU > JSU, UTM < TTU; (Women’s) APSU > TSU, UTM > TTU, MSU > JSU.

morning cram (haitian solace edition)

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Poor Haiti. If you donate, watch for scams.

KY~ 40/92 Irvin Cobb tenants back in; finger pointing ensues.  Beshear’s holding a yard sale. Legislature will consider nuke power (again). Senators let charter school proposal die despite growing popularity.

TN~ A Clarksville schemer allegedly generated hundreds of frivolous lawsuits. Henry County High’s Band Director dies. Bredesen’s education proposal makes headway.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 14, 2010 at 9:30 am

morning cram (recuse me? edition)

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KY~ Will Judge Woodall step down from the triple-murder case? Paducah will use grant$ to continue its trail and buy a new robot. MSU adds five hall of famers. Calloway County is under the school-oscope. Some of us are out of propane. That tracking bill clears the House, and the Senate will vote on education bill today.  State unveils transparent URL.

TN~ Henry County plans to buy an inflatable tower. Bredesen pushes harder for education plan, while the Senate stalls a paper ballot law.

IL~ Officials grace an earthquake summit.

morning cram (free money race edition)

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Get out the spurs! Let the great politician scramble begin!

KY~ Hopkinsville stops suing AT&T and a home invasion victim there has been ID’d. Federal money fixes homes in Dawson’s Springs. A Eastern KY prison is going Girls Only. The House votes today on tracking bill. All reps want federal funds, but no charter schools allowed! MSU smashes EIU.

TN~ Recent demand for energy busts TVA records. A Tanner contender goes indie. Bredesen”s education proposal concerns some lawmakers.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 12, 2010 at 9:13 am

morning cram (debut edition)

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By Chris Taylor

Since vaguely defining my blogging intentions, I’ve since decided to sum up your regional morning coverage, but nice ‘n quick in the Chris Taylor-style. So welcome to your morning cram.

KY~ The state legislature opens up today. Snow Thursday. Beshear has a plan to dig us out of the red. The Republican effort for Bunning’s seat is now a three-way. Don’t bet on Paducah to snag a new middle school this year. Despite a potential ruling next week, the Paducah/Greyhound bus spat will drag on. Some alleged Oak Grove monster was captured for child-rape x10. A former Calvert City worker denies a methlab fire was his.

TN~ Bredesen pushes for education reform. Herron has $675k in his US Congress bid. Clarksville will pay to study things for the next 20 years.

SPORTS~ MSU won, UTM lost, APSU lost.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 5, 2010 at 9:39 am