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the morning cram [he’s doing his Walter Huston dance edition]

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Apparently, the fortune I left in Vegas last year isn’t paying the bills anymore, so they’re looking to gold.

NPR reports as the struggling economy has hurt the gambling industry in Nevada, state officials are looking to increase taxes on the state’s prospering gold mining industry.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ We can go see the bridge this weekend (photo op; place head here). There was a bomb threat at Calloway Middle. Big trucks and small bridges don’t mix. We have the interwebs back. Former Ag Commish Farmer applied for unemployment. A soldier uses HIV to avoid discharge. There are more jobs at an Owensboro pipeline.

the morning cram [the Oh Fudge edition]

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Hey Justice Roberts, you kiss your mama with that mouth?

NPR reports the highest court in the land hears another FCC indecency/censorship case. I bet this would all go away if one of the justices let loose with a couple choice words.

Kentucky~  Paducah Convention Center alleged embezzlers are now facing federal charges.  No more big-boned trucks allowed on the Ledbetter bridgeStumbo is still fighting the redistricting fight.

Illinois ~ Gov Quinn prepares to sign the earned income tax credit bill.

Tennessee ~ The legislative term begins today- go fightin’ 107th! The state is meeting the education reforms tied to the Race to the Top Award.

morning cram [tea spider starfish party edition]

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Tea Party fave book The Starfish and the Spider shows the decentralized political movement is more like a starfish than a spider, because it can survive and regenerate without a head.

~NPR deciphers this biological-based analogy.

KENTUCKY~ The lawyer for the Mayfield Somali Muslim accused of attempted kidnapping hints he’ll push for a change of venue and Islamaca International may sue Mayfield over the recent denial of a mosque there. 4 McCracken County juveniles get cited for tagging. Work began  yesterday on a new 4-lane bridge over the Tennessee River near Ledbetter. Williams and Farmer chatted with reporters about their bid for governor. MSU and Murray Hospital will team up to host 10 UK Medicine students (in 2014). The Family Foundation outlines its grief with Instant Racing. State Park employees will be working this Labor Day weekend despite statewide furloughs (they’ll take off later this month). Proposed NRA-backed hunting legislation will be reviewed by legislators next year. Lexington’s World Equestrian Games gets bailed out by sponsors.

TENNESSEE~ A Clarksville woman dies in a 1-car accident. Bredesen creates a council to study soldiers‘ mental health and substance abuse. The General Assembly’s website gets props from the Center for Digital Government.