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morning cram [just breathe edition]

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Deep breathing is not only relaxing, it’s been scientifically proven to affect the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system — and maybe even the expression of genes.

~NPR hears how practiced breathing can benefit asthma, pulmonary disease and even heart failure.

KENTUCKY~ A man is in custody charged with murdering an elderly Henry County couple. Lawyers get sued for malpractice too. A Henderson utility plans to sell off extra electricity.

TENNESSEE~ A former Clarksville police officer’s lawsuit gets dismissed and the city’s red light cameras bring in about $1mil < 2 years. Long distance charges in northern Montgomery County prompt a complaint to Tennessee regulatory officials. A top aide to Bill Haslam warns the state’s Republicans not to be too over-confident.

SPORTS~ (Men’s Basketball) MSU < MhSU, UTM < EKU, APSU > EIU. (Women’s Basketball) MSU < MhSU, UTM > EKU, APSU < EIU.

…and grats! to Mayfield High’s football squad winning the Class 1-A state championship in Bowling Green.

morning cram [funding flood edition]

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“Special interests are flooding state Supreme Court races with millions of dollars to try to tip the courts in their direction.”

~NPR reads a report and finds it may be undermining public confidence in the courts.

KENTUCKY~ What the proposed McCracken County/Paducah merger may look like, as outlined in a committee’s first-draft report. Marshall County search and rescue teams recover the body of a drowned boater. A planned coal-2-liquid plant eyes building on a 3k-acre Carlisle County plot. Beshear and education leaders will host a (live) KET forum tomorrow. The state workers’ lawsuit against upcoming furloughs will be heard this afternoon. You can design the state’s next business license plate.

TENNESSEE~ TVA warns higher electric bills are incoming (again). Study: bad time to be a tiny hospitalized baby.

morning cram [tough drill edition]

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“The easy oil is gone… we’re going to have to dig deeper into the earth, farther offshore, farther north into the Arctic. We’re relying on these extreme energy situations.”

~NPR talks to author Michael Klare about the world oil picture.

KENTUCKY~ Murray’s hospital is searching for a new CEO. The Commonwealth’s share of a Johnson & Johnson drug marketing lawsuit is $75mil. Beshear’s Republican competition in next year’s governor race will embrace Tea Party values. UofL Coach Rick Pitino testifies against his former fling and (alleged) extorter. Unemployment checks are on the way.

TENNESSEE~ Convicted rapist Bruce ‘Big Belly’ Tuck sues the Shelby County Sheriff.

ILLINOIS~ Locked out Honeywell workers are approved for unemployment benefits. Promoting Southern Illinois tourism is now a thing of the past.

morning cram [honey buzz edition]

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“So why are people so gaga for bees? Well, for starters, there’s renewed interest in the age-old health claims about honey.”

~NPR hears the buzz.

KENTUCKY~ Police nab a man wanted on meth charges and the woman they claim was hiding him. Kentucky State Penitentiary @ Eddyville’s enforcement of visitation restrictions has upset volunteer pastors and inmates. Ownership of Murray’s Glendale Place Senior Living Community may soon change hands. The State Inspector General clears a Madisonville nursing home of wrongdoing in a fire-injury case. Work begins today on Eggner’s Ferry Bridge (expect delays). The mother of former-lawmaker Steve Nunn’s (alleged) victim is suing several Lexington-area community associations.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville Police fires a former (fraudster) detective. Montgomery County refines how it deals with aggressive dogs.

ILLINOIS~ A man is dead after a shootout with police. A woman finishes an almost 1k-mile swim down the Ohio River. Governor Quinn cuts his staff’s pay after taking flack for giving out raises.

morning cram (robots edition)

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Click PLAY (your brain may bleed).

KY~ Murray settles firefighter suit for $350k. One day you might catch a train in Bardwell. A judge hands down +$1m in damages to a loan company that preyed on Fort Campbell soldiers. See a map/list of Paducah’s WIFI hotspots. Beshear wants whiskey and jobless benefits on the special session agenda (sounds like a good time). Jobless rates dip (slightly).

TN~ Clarksville and its marina developer are still trying to understand their contract’s insurance requirements, but agree it doesn’t really matter. Henry County’s okays a tourism budget. US Army Corps of Engineers: “The amount of rainfall was unprecedented.” Legislators delay a bill that would put more restrictions on traffic cameras. Unemployment edge down.

morning cram (super intentions edition)

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KY~ A barge hits a Kentucky Lake bridge and sinks. Trigg County Schools begin interviewing superintendent candidates and McCracken County plans to do the same in mid-April. Where McCracken builds its upcoming Emergency Center could be decided by a grant. 130 Fort Campbell soldiers expected home Friday. The new manager of Hopkins County’s Animal Shelter didn’t pan out. KY Utilities now offers an online map of power outages. Jobless rates were higher in every county last year. The Commonwealth declines to join other states challenging healthcare reform. Beshear urges no education budget cuts, as legislative leaders continue to make us wait.

TN~ Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper will not run for re-election. No hablan Inglés? A bill says no driver’s license for you!

morning cram (haitian solace edition)

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Poor Haiti. If you donate, watch for scams.

KY~ 40/92 Irvin Cobb tenants back in; finger pointing ensues.  Beshear’s holding a yard sale. Legislature will consider nuke power (again). Senators let charter school proposal die despite growing popularity.

TN~ A Clarksville schemer allegedly generated hundreds of frivolous lawsuits. Henry County High’s Band Director dies. Bredesen’s education proposal makes headway.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 14, 2010 at 9:30 am

morning cram (free money race edition)

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Get out the spurs! Let the great politician scramble begin!

KY~ Hopkinsville stops suing AT&T and a home invasion victim there has been ID’d. Federal money fixes homes in Dawson’s Springs. A Eastern KY prison is going Girls Only. The House votes today on tracking bill. All reps want federal funds, but no charter schools allowed! MSU smashes EIU.

TN~ Recent demand for energy busts TVA records. A Tanner contender goes indie. Bredesen”s education proposal concerns some lawmakers.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 12, 2010 at 9:13 am

morning cram (weekender edition)

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Hi, friends.  The Front Page (responsible journalism) airs today @ noon on 91-3. Enjoy your weekend (in excess).

KY~ McCracken County is $9m ahead and Paducah wants to hold hands.  Area towboat operator may layoff +150 employees. Murray stabber’s complicit wife charged. Swine flu kills 37-year-old Oak Grove lady. Hopkinsville still suing AT&T.  Pre-filed bill may kill gambling debate. Domestic violence tracking bill gains support. Officials will discuss education standards.  Former Gov. endorses Dr. Dan.

TN~ Clarksville is totally going to study things.