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the morning cram [ringing ear edition]

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Tens of thousands of Americans are afflicted by a condition that causes an incessant ringing in the ears.

NPR reports that while diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus (aka ringing ears) is in the early stages, some progress is being made.

Kentucky~ An MSU student won the Fulbright Scholarship. A WKU student is crowned Miss Kentucky. A Hopkinsville man is killed by a car. More students are defaulting on loans. Some art groups got some money. The 101st Airborne command is changing hands. Some state politicians think there should be a special session to redraw district lines, while others do not.

Tennessee~ Teens in Clarksville get a close look at police work. The state legislature passes a bunch o’ bills.

Last post for the business day

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Bec FeldhausIt was a whirl-wind day of training sessions and I’m spent – educated, but spent.

On the docket this evening: showing the WKMS sticker around town to put with the traveling WKMS sticker photos, soon to come. Then to see a show. Tonight are the closing ceremonies and tomorrow I fly back to Kentucky.

Though I’ve enjoyed the time here, I look forward to getting back to news in the Four Rivers Region.

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 5, 2010 at 8:05 pm

Voila, a Western Kentucky connection

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Bec FeldhausRight now I’m in a session about the News Gear that will enhance the story. Gear as means to an end. The professor and leader? Dr. Kerry Northrup, a very new professor of multi-media to Western Kentucky University.

I knew there would be someone from the Commonwealth.

Back from lunch and ready to learn.

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 5, 2010 at 4:08 pm

Asking the tough questions

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Bec FeldhausThis session is “The Art of the Interview.”

At WKMS we cover issues that affect the Four Rivers Region and the better questions we ask, the more complete news we can bring you. After listening to Rob Curley with the Las Vegas Sun, I have a lot of great inspiration to bring back to Murray.

I’m not the only newsie on the move. Reporter Angela Hatton heads off for a training session in Missouri next week. We never stop our education so your news can be the most cutting-edge, informative content it can be.

How far will WKMS go bring you better news? Well let’s put it this way. Reporters have been to Paris, TN, Paris, France and the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, and that’s just this year.

Looking forward to a lunch break and then back to training!

Off to a show tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 5, 2010 at 1:42 pm

These reporters have been everywhere, man

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Bec FeldhausGood morning from Sin City.

Just finished a session on networking and the art of the resume. Participants had the chance to practice introducing themselves to past presidents of the Society of Professional Journalists. It was a very enlightening session.

Here’s a picture of my adventure to the Bellagio. The ceiling is breath-taking.

Next, it’s off to listen to new media correspondent Rob Curley from right here in Las Vegas.

WKMS at the Bellagio!

Last night was fruitful. I saw the dancing fountains, played the slots (which are more complicated than one might thing) saw the Chihully glass in the Bellagio and galavanted around Caesar’s Palace. No Murray connections today, but I have high hopes.

Check back to the Front Blog and after the trip where I’ll show pictures of the traveling WKMS bumper sticker!

Thanks for coming along with me on my trip to Vegas. Many more updates to come.

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 5, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Social Networks: The Safe Way

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One step closer to the Four Rivers Region. The current session includes thoughts from Mike Farrell with the University of Kentucky’s First Amendment Center. In the same state, that’s a start!

Also, during the Mark of Excellence awards luncheon, Murray State’s own Christopher Bryant won an award for best Public Service Announcement for the importance of the First Amendment. Another gentleman approached me after the ceremony and told me he was a proud Murray State University graduate. He now resides in Louisiana.

It’s not even 4pm here, and I’ve already found a few connections to WKMS. It bodes well for the tonight and tomorrow.

It’s almost time to test out some award-winning Vegas buffets. I’ll have a crab leg in your honor.

More to come.

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 4, 2010 at 5:44 pm

After a quick rest, ready for more sessions

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Bec FeldhausThree afternoon sessions today. Topics include Schools and Universities; Mining Facebook; Smashing the Silos!; Census Data; Secrets to Personal Branding; What does the future have in store?; and more.

Thought it was just paper, pad and microphone? Oh no my friends. You have to keep ahead to stay in the game.

Stay tuned for thrills and adventures including a resume critique, dancing fountains and networking, networking, networking. Then I’m going to see how many connections to the Four Rivers Region I can find on the Vegas strip. 6 degrees of WKMS.

From the World’s Biggest Fish Fry in Paris, Tennessee to the Bellagio in Las Vegas; WKMS takes you there.

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 4, 2010 at 4:15 pm

Rove on down the road

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Bec FeldhausThis is the definition of live blogging. I’m currently listening to Dr. Dave Cuillier, a professor of journalism at University of Arizona. My peers include mostly print and web news reporters and a few television anchors.

In our first hour we learned how to “Create a Data State of Mind.” We’re learning how to get the information we need and report on it accordingly. It’s really interesting. Do you know what FOIA is? Go ahead, google it.

After the third hour of this half-day session, I’ll head over to the Mark of Excellence Awards luncheon to represent WKMS as I accept my award. Forgot about that story? Click here to hear the story that sent me to Vegas.

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 4, 2010 at 12:26 pm

Roving Reporter on the move

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Bec FeldhausHello from Vegas!

It’s almost time for the first session to begin at the Society of Professional Journalist annual conference 2010. Stay tuned for new lessons from this exciting national conference. I haven’t seen any show girls so far, but it’s still early. See you soon!

Written by Bec Feldhaus

October 4, 2010 at 10:54 am