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Not Deadlock, But Deceased Courage

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– John Dillon

The media of Kentucky are abuzz about how the state legislature “failed” to come up with a budget in their allotted time-frame. Now we’re looking at a taxpayer-funded Special Session to patch what the little boys and girls could not achieve during their assigned interval in Frankfort.

[Keep in mind that passage of a Commonwealth budget is a prime responsibility of the elected legislature.]

Well, we hear that “compromises could not be reached”; that factions or individuals among our representatives foiled common sense; and that — bottom line — nobody is responsible.

Everybody is responsible?  Say, that sounds good!

If everybody messed up, NOBODY messed up!

Budget passage with the economic restraints facing Kentucky right now requires two things: 1) Intelligent thought and compromise; and 2) The will and fortitude to legislate measures that may be very unpopular at home.

It seems the boys and girls are more willing to have the governor willy-nilly take apart a sensible existing funding structure (emergency budget priorities) than to make difficult decisions on these real issues.

Out with the bums? No, more bums will follow — until the call of public service rings true to those of elective office. Some interests will be injured, but that’s how the table is always set.


Written by JD

May 1, 2010 at 4:12 pm

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