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morning cram [somaliland edition]

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Somali pirates last year seized a record number (+1k) of hostages. This year, they’ve already hijacked 15 vessels, including an American yacht whose four passengers were killed.

NPR declares Somali piracy has become an epidemic.

KENTUCKY~ MSU Basketball Head Coach Billy Kennedy is in the running to be the University of Miami’s next. Paducah may have a (better) community center in the works. Clinton’s embattled nursing home will close and its purported violations have been released. Dems call for gubernatorial candidates to disclose their finances but Republicans say no. David Williams’ GOP running mate Richie Farmer wants his wife’s divorce petition dismissed.

TENNESSEE~ Gov Haslam signs the teacher tenure difficulty bill into law.

OVC SPORTS~ (Baseball) APSU < WKU; (Softball) MSU < SIU-E, APSU > UTM.

morning cram [rahm edition]

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Ever since Rahm Emanuel won the legal right to be on the Chicago mayoral ballot, it was pretty much a given that he would win the plurality of votes when Election Day rolled around.

NPR reports Emanuel’s 55% share in yesterday’s vote means there will be no runoff election.

KENTUCKY~ A burning propane truck caused delays yesterday on McCracken County’s Cairo Road. Paducah aims for another land grab (in Lone Oak this time) and signs a new contract with their local firefighters union. A Murray murder trial gets postponed (again) and there’s a new Parks Director in town. UK’s presidential search is underway and who the candidates are will be kept a secret. The state gets its hands on lethal injection drugs. House members will soon vote on anti-bullying legislation and the Senate Budget Committee is looking at what to do about Medicaid. Gubernatorial hopeful Bobbie Holsclaw asks why the optometrist bill is clearing the legislature at such a rapid pace. Democrats intend to pay for a painting of Governor Beshear.

TENNESSEE~ Searchers pull the body of a missing Paris man from Kentucky Lake.

You’re a Democrat? There’s an App for That.

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The Kentucky Democratic Party announced today they’ll start offering a free interactive App for the iPhone.  According to party officials, the following are a few of the features that the new application will offer:

  • Receive the latest news from the Kentucky Democratic Party and local county parties.
  • View information on upcoming Democratic events across Kentucky and add the information directly to an iPhone calendar or get directions to the event sent automatically to an iPhone.
  • Use the iPhone GPS to determine a user’s Senate or House district and Senator or Representative and add their information to an iPhone’s contacts.
  • Enter an address to determine its Senate or House district and elected officials.
  • Locate all county party information including leadership, meeting dates and contact information.
  • View photos from KDP and county party events.

The application will be available beginning tomorrow morning from the Apple App Store but you can preview it at

Matt Erwin, State Party Communications Director,  said anyone can download the App, even if that person is not a Democrat from Kentucky. “There’s no sensitive information on it,” he said.

 Erwin said Kentucky is the second state political party organization to develop and release an App. The first was the Illinois Republican Party, which released iGOP this past June. 

The Republican Party of Kentucky doesn’t offer an App for the iPhone . . . yet. Party officials did not immediately say whether they are developing such a program, though members have been active in other social media.

Written by Angela Hatton

January 3, 2011 at 12:59 pm