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the morning cram [converse all stars…I know you want some edition]

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You know what kicks you should rock in China? The same ones you rock everywhere else…Chucks.

NPR reports since 2007, sales of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in China have gone up about fifty percent.

Kentucky~ The Racers get GameDay’s attention (next step, Dickie V). Get lucky drawers out, it’s gamblin time. Good news, we can now leave children behind. The drop-out age could be on its way up.

Tennessee~ You can still say gay, at least for a little while. If you don’t want your kids to participate in extracurricular activities, you’re pushing for this one. Haslam wants more kids per teacher (because handling 30 kids is just too easy).

the morning cram [shaken baby edition]

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Is shaken baby syndrome blamed for babies’ deaths too often?

NPR reports Norman Guthkelch, the doctor who is credited with first observing the condition, questions the free nature with which the syndrome is blamed for killing babies.

Kentucky~ There will be no alcohol in Reidland. Calloway County Middle School has a new principal. A city engineer says Paducah’s floodwall held up well.  A gubernatorial hopeful is angered by dis.  The Asian longhorned beetle threatens the state’s forests.

Tennessee~ Clarksville’s Power Board may be revamped. Those who need energy assistance help will have to wait until October.

morning cram [taxy edition]

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Next year’s tax rates (even for the wealthiest Americans) will remain unchanged under a tentative deal between President Obama and congressional Republicans.

~NPR reports the White House now has to sell the idea to Democrats.

KENTUCKY~ Search crews poke around Madisonville-area woods in search for a missing man. McCracken County Schools begins accepting bids to construct its upcoming mega-high school. The state’s Chamber of Commerce CEO will speak in Hopkinsville tomorrow. A Fort Campbell housewife is found dead in her home. Mass-inmate fights at the state pen in Eddyville prompt a lockdown. A main artery through Ballard County will see lane restrictions today/tomorrow. State officials: “Drought’s through.”  Small business can soon begin applying for payroll-expanding tax credits.

TENNESSEE~ Nightly lane closures are slated for Clarksville’s Red River bridge. +600 APSU students graduate next week. Gov-elect Haslam appoints the state’s next Ag Commissioner.