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the morning cram [women…can’t live without ’em edition]

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As Rick Santorum climbs in the polls, can he attract the vote of one of the largest voting groups in the nation (women)?

NPR reports even if Santorum can win the nomination, one of the greatest obtacles in his path to the White House is a struggle shared by many GOP candidates, appealing to women.

Some awoke to the rumble of an earthquake this morning.

Kentucky~ United Way made its goal. The Amish buggy standoff could soon end. Stumbo is pushing his UPIKE bill among much distraction. A woman pleads guilty to charges after hitting her toddler over the head and leaving him on an interstate.

the morning cram [a glitch in the matrix edition]

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Facebook decides to “share” stock options with the public, but will the company “like” the risks?

NPR reports the move to go public presents many hurdles to the social media giant.

Kentucky~ Lawmakers consider a proposal allowing counties to consolidate via vote. The Senate passes a bill allowing Amish to use reflective tape in place of orange signs on buggies. The Dorena-Hickman Ferry will delay service this morning until 9. The Eggner’s Ferry Bridge awaits approval from inspectors.

Illinois~ A two-year study will look for the reason the treatment of lung cancer is lagging in southern Illinois.


the morning cram [you don’t know the power of the dark side edition]

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Apparently, Starbucks makes a lot of coffee…and a lot of money.

NPR reports the coffee chain known for it’s iconic dark roast has got it’s ‘mojo workin’ under the leadership of CEO Howard Schultz.

Kentucky~ Alleged embezzlers have a day in court. Soldiers return to a hero’s welcome. Hey, I think that buggy covered in highly reflective tape might have Amish people in it. “Caylee’s Law” requires you to tell somebody if you lose your kid. Romney and Gingrich want Kentucky.

Tennessee~ Hate crime victim’s dad is disturbed by ‘don’t say gay’.

the morning cram [The next time I have to come in here I’m crackin’ skulls edition]

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Good News. If you’re ever captured by Somali Pirates, Obama’s got your back, even if you’re Danish!

NPR reports Obama sent in his A-squad to deal with a hostage situation. With their success rate, I think Obama should start using the special forces to deal with all of his problems. Let’s start with a raid on the investment banks.

Kentucky~ The PRA is now a city agency. Here’s to hoping shiny tape will save our Amish from jail.  Cadiz seeks to ban synthetic marijuana. Looks like Kentucky teachers may have to be held back. The Commonwealth considers a tax amnesty plan.

Tennessee~ Titan tire hopes to hire 300 people  by the year’s end.



the morning cram [she thought we’d be getting a million dollars…its not fair edition]

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Good news. Romney pays less in taxes than I do, and likely you as well. I’m not sure why that’s good news, but I’m an optimist.

NPR reports Mitt Romney’s 2010 tax return shows he made $21.7 million dollars, and paid 13.9 percent in taxes. He’s rollin in it.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ Canaan gets OVC honors for a fourth time…he’s a bad man. A twister touched down in Hazel on Sunday. Former McCracken Judge-Executive gets that money. Madisonville Police ID remains. School bus ads die easy (sorry Bruce Willis). Lawmakers say the budget is tough, wow. Pharmacists say providers are screwing them.

Tennessee~ Beavers backpedals on bill.

morning cram [balancing edition]

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The federal government’s mounting debt is often blamed on a failure of leadership, but leaders may not be the only ones at fault.

NPR reports surveys show most voters want more government (than they’re willing to pay for).

KENTUCKY~ A MSU student sues Sigma Pi over alleged racism. Paducah makes a national list of historic destinations. McCracken County wants to rezone property so a steel company can create over a dozen jobs there. 342 Fort Campbell heroes returned home from Afghanistan last night (in time for ex-Prez Bush’s booksigning there today). A measure that would graduate high schoolers early passes the Senate. House members OK school bus advertising and pass a bill that would contrast economic incentive$ with results. One House committee approves a proposal that would give shorter sentences for non-violent crimes. US House Representative Ben Chandler stands up for public broadcasting.

ILLINOIS~ Governor Quinn’s budget proposal cuts aid, services and borrows more money to pay old debt.

OVC Men’s Basketball~ APSU > JSU, UTM > EIU.

morning cram [restraint edition]

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The effort to repeal what many have called the “job-killing health care law act” is underway. Though, many lawmakers are now using more restrained language to describe their distaste of the bill.

NPR reports this comes in the wake of heightened sensitivity after the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

KENTUCKY~ The weekend death of a Reidland teen is blamed on inhalant abuse. A McCracken County Commissioner thanks Western Baptist Hospital for saving him. A MSU alum will takeover the helm of Murray-Calloway County Hospital. The state will hand out grants to startup high school biofuel programs. Education Commissioner Holliday doesn’t want the senate to stall on education reform.

TENNESSEE~ Workers will blow up Clarksville’s Red River Bridge tonight. Governor Haslam hides some of his investments from himself.

ILLINOIS~ The remains of a swimmer who went missing last year near Cairo have been found. Honeywell and union reps will meet up (yet again) next month.

morning cram [blame edition]

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The National Commission on BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is pulling no punches assigning blame for the explosion last April.

~An official tells NPR that BP, Transocean and Halliburton all made baffling decisions which played a role in the disaster.

KENTUCKY~ Hundreds of dead birds were found last week near MSU. Mayfield’s leaders plan an all day summit Saturday. McCracken County’s court systems get a liaison. Oak Grove bans public smoking. Gov. Beshear is far outpacing the GOP contenders in fundrai$ing. A Senate committee clears a bill aiming to reward math and science teachers for students’ AP high scores, another approves a tax code improvement initiative, and a Lexington lawmaker proposes toughening the state’s ethics law.

TENNESSEE~ A bunch of TVA industrial customers gripe about ‘worse than ridiculous‘ rates.


Welcome to Fancy Farm 2010!

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Hello from Angela Hatton and Rebecca Feldhaus. We’re at the annual Fancy Farm picnic ready for some BBQ, lemonade and political stumping. Political speaking starts at 2pm.

We’ll be posting live updates all day, so check back at the Front Blog throughout the day.

Here’s the schedule of speakers:

– Governor Steve Beshear

-Senator Mitch McConnell

– Secretary of State Trey Grayson

– Attorney General Jack Conway

– Dr. Rand Paul

– Congressman Ed Whitfield

– Charles Hatchett

– Senator Ken Winters

– Representative Fred Nesler

– District 2 Senate Candidate Mike East

– District 2 Senate Candidate Rex Smith

– Representative Steven Rudy

– Mike Lawrence

morning cram [kandahar edition]

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“The battle for Kandahar may not have officially begun, but it is quietly under way”… NPR has an in-depth look into the Afghanistan operation.

KENTUCKY~ Beshear’s in Murray this morning to tout a multi-million dollar deal. Paducah Police bust a 70-year-old social worker for promoting prostitution as a secret sex therapy program. Despite rumors, the Julian Carroll Convention and Paducah Expo Centers will not be razed. Police ID the victims of Tuesday’s fatal crash in Reidland. A crop-duster plane crash yesterday closed the Mayfield-Graves County Airport for 7 hours. Calloway County budgets employee raises. The state’s next chief appellate judge will be a judge from Owensboro. A policy analyst calls Rand Paul’s defense against Medicare criticism a no-win argument. A Louisville state senator wants to supplant Senate Prez Williams.

TENNESSEE~ Paris claims $30k in federal grant$ for parks.