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the morning cram [what ignorant, lowdown, slanderizin son of a…edition]

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Things are getting nasty in Florida…and in the Republican Primary as well.

NPR reports the mud slinging between Republican Presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich has reached new levels in the Florida primary.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ Bridge inspectors bring in an Echoschope, sounds fancy. MSU draws Saint Mary’s in the BracketBuster. KCTCS wants more black students. A soldier’s facing lesser charges now that murder’s off the table. Turkey huntin’ in LBL, get your gun, and boat. Ron Paul wants to give Kentucky a shot. Beshear thinks expanded gaming can happen.

morning cram [healing edition]

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President Obama yesterday paid tribute to victims of the Arizona mass shootings, urging Americans to change the nation’s caustic public dialogue by talking in a way that heals instead of wounds.

NPR has extensive coverage.

KENTUCKY~ A bid to build McCracken County’s jail expansion comes in over $1mil under estimates. Kentucky State Police are investigating fund misappropriations by two recently fired McCracken County School employees. USEC is haggling with TVA over a new power contract for Paducah’s Gaseous Diffusion Plant. House Speaker Stumbo wants to ban smoking in cars with kids. KCTCS is participating in a new nationwide accountability program. A federally-subsidized work program employed 400 last year. Gov. Beshear says politicos should calm down. Since Secretary of State Trey Grayson is leaving for Harvard, Bowling Green’s Mayor will finish out his term.

TENNESSEE~ Austin Peay issues a campus warning after receiving a threatening letter from an ex-student.

morning cram [bye bye edition]

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“President Obama has drawn an official end to U.S. combat operations in Iraq, but challenges lie ahead in a country that faces persistent insurgent violence and political turmoil.”

~NPR analyzes the President’s prime-time address.

KENTUCKY~ Murray Police investigate a reported sexual assault. Public tips lead to an (alleged) McCracken County burglar’s arrest and 3 Paducah men get slapped with cocaine trafficking charges. Paducah commissioners will vote later this month on throwing Greyhound Bus Lines a few bones ($12k) to relocate and accepting a police taser grant. Bowling Green Technical College gets accredited. Beshear and Whitfield will be among officials breaking ground @ Smithland’s hydro-electric plant today. Officials: 2 more Fort Campbell soldiers died (last weekend). Kentucky Transportation workers will be on call during Friday’s state-mandated furlough day. Senate Prez Williams and Ag Commish Farmer will run on a ticket together for Governor.

ILLINOIS~ Massac County may borrow its way out of payroll debt.

morning cram [dead byrd edition]

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The United States’ longest-serving Senator is dead at 92.

“Robert Byrd (D-W.Va) was a man who fought the Civil Rights Act — to his later regret — but who took pride in his fight against authorizing the use of force in Iraq.”

NPR remembers.

KENTUCKY~ Fredonia’s all-girl prison farm is a hit! Paducah school officials want to buy 31 homes behind the middle school on Lone Oak Road. Owensboro Community and Technical College’s new president begins July 1. MSU takes 4th @ bass fishing tourney on Kentucky Lake.

TENNESSEE~ Henry County Medical Center’s debt worsens. Union City gets a WWII-era plane for its upcoming Discovery Center.  Republican candidates for governor would prefer cutting inheritance, investment and business taxes over taxes on groceries.

ILLINOIS~ Metropolis has until mid-July to have a plan in place to stop pumping sewage into the Ohio River.

morning cram [retire edition]

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Yeah… We’re going to need you to come in for a few more years. NPR says “financial pressures are pushing up retirement ages all over.”

KENTUCKY~ Murray’s Vanderbilt Chemical plant is expanding (thanks to state incentives). Contractors bidding to demolish Paducah’s Executive Inn find it difficult to estimate what they should charge. A forgotten hero gets his forgotten medals from the ‘Forgotten War.’ A stretch of KY-800 (Christian County) is closed today. Going to a community college in Kentucky now costs more. Beshear keeps mum on an anticipated Senate President duel (not a real one). See Tony Bennett, the Beach Boys, Kenny Rogers and more @ the FEI World Games later this year. Jobless rates down .2% in May.

TENNESSEE~ Watch out for expected traffic on I-65/I-24 in Nashville over the weekend. Clarksville expects to find out next week when its marina will be ready. Montgomery and Robertson counties’ new special gangs & guns DA wants to decrease violent crime. TVA hits pause on solar power partnership program.

morning cram (gay hospital edition)

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Obama <3's Equality

Obama issues a homosexual equality memo to the nation’s hospitals.

KY~ Reidland-Farley Fire pariah Richard Tapp gets fired. Paducah Police chase down (alleged) 19-year-old kidnapper. More in Christian County are returning their Census forms. We have no budget… Legislative FAIL! and Beshear’s puking mad. Several bills are now law: (1) bans texting while driving, (2) improves the state retirement system and (3) makes it easier for KCTCS students to transfer to 4-year universities. The jobless rate is the same as it was in January.

TN~ Henry County has a (sorta) new head football coach. Bredesen would sacrfice the sales tax cap to fix the $80m hole. State has biggest workforce increase in 5 years.