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morning cram [hurt feet edition]

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Foot pain is a major problem that affects nearly a third of all US adults and women report nearly twice as much foot pain as men.

~NPR hears many tend to live with the pain instead of seeing a specialist.

KENTUCKY~ 2nd District State Senate Poll: Leeper/Smith statistically tied.  A Murray woman’s murder trial gets pushed back until next year and a fatal weekend wreck claims a Murray man’s life. Grand Rivers’ Vulcan Material workers opt to not unionize. A Paducah gun store owner is court-ordered to recall modified shotguns. A Hopkinsville teen accused of murdering a youth sports coach will appear in court today. Jack and Rand argue  at a U of L debate.

TENNESSEE~ More campaign money is being raised and spent in the 8th district than any other. Hemlock Semiconductor’s job fair draws hundreds of multi-state applicants a year ahead of the Clarksville plant’s opening.

NCAA~ (Football) APSU < SEMO & UTM > EKU. (Soccer) MSU > UTM, MhSU > APSU > EKU, UTM > APB.

morning cram [</3’r lebron edition]

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“In the end, it took all of 11 seconds, but the fallout in two American cities may last for years.”

~NPR has more on heartbroken Ohio.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County rescue workers search for missing man and the County Clerk there has changed some (questionable) policies but retains his department’s financial independence. Western Kentucky has plenty of (electric) power. Trigg County bans smoking on school grounds. The Todd County Funeral Home burned down. Jack & Rand squared off in Louisville yesterday and US Senator McConnell defends his filibuster blocking an extension on jobless benefits.

TENNESSEE~ The 101st Airborne’s Major General John Campbell assures Fort Campbell families from Afghanistan. Police nab a Fort Campbell soldier after (alleged) hit-and-run. Blue dogs back Herron for US Rep.

morning cram [rethink edition]

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“I may divide the old conservative coalition, but I’m not going to divide the new one.”

~ NPR talks to a prominent Southern Baptist leader about his stance on immigration.

KENTUCKY~ Murray book company drops $10mil into a prominent textbook rental website. Dry weather = poor pollination. Officials intensify focus on mine safety. Rand and Jack plan to picnic @ Fancy FarmKSP Checkpoint Stats: 176 DUIs, 715 seatbelt tickets, 68 drug arrests & 1 stolen vehicle. A Fort Campbell medic dies in an Afghanistan IED blast.

TENNESSEE~ Police investigate a string of thefts near Kentucky Lake in the Buchanan area. 9 people died in roadway accidents during the July 4th holiday weekend. Roy Herron has a nice (+$1.5mil) campaign bankroll.

ILLINOIS~ A Metropolis man regrets jumping 90 feet from the Brookport Bridge. Massac Sheriff’s deputies find 2 lost hikers in Shawnee National Forest. Governor Quinn defends raises he gave his staff. Federal stimulus money weatherized 17k homes and created 500 jobs.

morning cram (elephonkey edition)

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Let the wild rumpus (debate) start!

KY~ GPEDC hires a 28-year-old for $160k. Trigg County’s alcohol sales top $73k in March. Oak Grove’s mayor is denied a pay raise. West Kentucky is under the economic development microscope. Trey & Jack will both oversee the Commonwealth’s fraud-ridden elections. Beshear warns of impending financial doom (if no budget passes).

TN~ The Tea Party will interrogate 8th District candidates tonight. 2 bills stall in the House: super-speeder / traffic camera. Republicans spare pre-kindergarten programs from the potential cutting block.

OVC SPORTS~ (baseball) APSU < Belmont.

morning cram (break the spring edition)

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BOO! or YAY! Healthcare passed yesterday… without help from Tanner or Whitfield.

KY~ Police search for an escaped Paducah inmate. Police radios didn’t help a convicted felon avoid arrest for long. McCracken County commissioners may decide tonight where to build a new Emergency Operations Center. A Graves County fire kills 2. MSU bows out of March Madness tourney. The General Assembly has only 9 days to get ‘r done. State sees a 14% increase in foodstamp usage.

TN~ A Clarksville rapper is stabbed to death. A Martin teacher faces federal sex charges.