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morning cram [armed coeds edition]

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Is the answer to mass shootings on college campuses to arm students and staff?

NPR reports eight states have proposed legislation that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on campus.

KENTUCKY~ It’s Tim Masthay Day in Murray. A defense attorney claims McCracken County Sheriff’s deputies used a misleading affidavit to obtain a search warrant. Ex-Mayfield Mayor Arthur Byrn’s nepotism allegations don’t pan out. Paducah’s Quilt Museum will soon need a new leader. The House passes a ban on bath salts. Education officials get ready to change how the state tests and evaluates schools.

TENNESSEE~ Lawmakers propose a bill to track cold-med (meth ingredients) sales. The AP alleges Governor Haslam dodged reporters after hiding his income.

ILLINOIS~ A pair of gay rights groups launch an online site to track the state’s civil unions.


morning cram [bulletproof edition]

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“Protecto Glass is one of 14 armoring companies certified by Mexico’s federal government. In a normal year, the company bulletproofs roughly 120 cars. But last year they did 170.”

~NPR hears how Mexico’s ultra-violent drug war is a boon for the country’s security sector (3/5).

KENTUCKY~ You can meet Paducah’s top 4 city manager finalists tomorrow and the city will be home to the state’s first LEED-certified public housing complex. Harrison Yonts gets paroled and his victim’s son decries the justice system fails. The meth epidemic incarcerates another four. 2 men are dead in a Christian County wreck. Coal miners criticize Rand Paul‘s comments on safety rules, while the state’s coal lobby claims confidence is slipping in federal regulations are slipping.

TENNESSEE~ Major repaving work on Fort Campbell and Providence Boulevards begins next week. TVA touts higher power sales; points to heat waves.