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the morning cram [back again for the first time edition]

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Restaurants across the country are finding new inspiration from an old source.

NPR reports soda fountain recipes are popping up in restaurants across the land as consumers shy away from industrial soft-drinks.

Kentucky~ 8,000 people and 1 radio station transmitter went without power this morning.There’s funny money in Paducah. A Deputy Jailer tries to bring in some contraband, ends up with some new digs.  Two Mayfield police officers are in trouble with the city.  An attorney for the truck driver in the Amish buggy crash says his client was sober.


the morning cram [things fall apart edition]

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FEMA runs out of cash as Americans clean up after Irene.

NPR reports that funds are needed from North Carolina to Vermont and FEMA is stretched almost to its limits.

Kentucky~ The new road through LBL gets an award. Think twice before going for a dip in the Clarks River. Governor  High School kids may need more than a good ACT score to qualify for a scholarship. Beshear is  about to let us all know how we’re going to pay our debts .

Illinois~ It’s getting real in the Brookport City Hall parking lot.

Tennessee~ A soldier’s conviction is overturned and he’s headed back to the army.

morning cram [bias? edition]

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“In the health care challenges and other politically charged disputes, the judges hearing the cases are now drawing almost as much attention as the law.”

~NPR reports on the rekindling of the long-standing debate over whether party affiliation or political background can predict how a judge will rule.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah’s Southside Salvation Army suffers flood damage. An unknown woman attacked Hopkinsville Mayor Dan Kemp’s wife at her home. Less western Kentuckians sought financial heating assistance this year. A report due out early next year will guess how many of the Commonwealth’s high schoolers are smoking pot. One lawmaker wants legislative leaders to stop hiding while concocting the state budget. Ag officials warn of poor tobacco yields. The state ranks lowest on protecting animals (according to ALDF). Basketball: MSU > Bethel.

TENNESSEE~ 3 Stewart County men face federal poaching charges of illegal deer harvesting on Fort Campbell property. TVA buys up more wind power.

morning cram [teary-eyed edition]

leave a comment »“As far as scientists can tell, humans seem to be the only species that shed tears for emotional reasons. Scientists who study evolution say crying probably conferred some benefit and did something to advance our species — because it’s stayed with us.”

~NPR hears the theory behind how tears are a signal.

KENTUCKY~ A Paducah water main busts forcing parts of Broadway to close today/tomorrow. McCracken County plans to repave 20 miles of roads this fall.  Livingston County’s US-60 bridge over the Cumberland River is back to normal traffic. Hopkinsville Police will pair up with social workers to monitor juveniles (on probation). They’re flying flags over the Labor Day weekend at the Fairview’s Jefferson Davis Memorial. The state plans a 50-location college workshop and will use federal fund$ to upgrade computer access at public libraries. An advocacy group sues the Commonwealth’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services over disabled adult deaths. Rand Paul’s campaign takes in porn money.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville officials want a garbage center moved before they build a new fire station near Outlaw Field.

SPORTS~ (Women’s Soccer) MSU ties Bellarmine and St. Louis;  UTM < Mississippi State but ties Arkansas State; APSU > VMI.