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morning cram (gay hospital edition)

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Obama <3's Equality

Obama issues a homosexual equality memo to the nation’s hospitals.

KY~ Reidland-Farley Fire pariah Richard Tapp gets fired. Paducah Police chase down (alleged) 19-year-old kidnapper. More in Christian County are returning their Census forms. We have no budget… Legislative FAIL! and Beshear’s puking mad. Several bills are now law: (1) bans texting while driving, (2) improves the state retirement system and (3) makes it easier for KCTCS students to transfer to 4-year universities. The jobless rate is the same as it was in January.

TN~ Henry County has a (sorta) new head football coach. Bredesen would sacrfice the sales tax cap to fix the $80m hole. State has biggest workforce increase in 5 years.

morning cram (not-so-neutral edition)

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a series of tubes

KY~ MSU benefits could soon be fair (to homosexuals). While Gun-wielding robbers roam the streets of Paducah, non-profits beg for money and Zumwalt makes off like a bandit. Hopkinsville plans to improve its parks system. A Veteran’s Center is renamed for Madisonville Rep. Eddie Ballard. Prosecutors are going for the death penalty in the case against former lawmaker Steve Nunn. Miner’s union backs Galbraith for Governor. House Majority Whip Stacy hopes the general assembly will pass a budget.

TN~ Clarksville’s Trane plant rehires 92 workers. Police: 17-year-old started the Kmart fire (and the store has re-opened).

SPORTS~ Baseball: MSU < WKU, UTM > ASU, APSU > UM. MSU Men’s golf team wins the Big Blue Invitational.