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Datebook: November 14 – Father of Modern Histology and Pathology Turns 240

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Marie François Xavier Bichat was born on November 14, 1771 (and died July 22, 1802). He was a French anatomist and physiologist best remembered as the father of modern histology and pathology. Despite the fact that he worked without a microscope he was able to advance greatly the understanding of the human body. He was the first to introduce the notion of tissues as distinct entities. He maintained that diseases attacked tissues rather than whole organs. Bichat died at the age of 31 from a fever following an unexplained fall down a set of stairs.

It’s Monday, November 14

The League of Women Voters conducts a forum on Homelessness in Hopkinsville at the Salvation Army Worship Center on Clay Street tomorrow night at 6. Learn about the services of the Aaron McNeil House, the Salvation Army, the Pennyroyal Mental Health Center and the Pennyroyal Veterans Shelter for the Homeless.

Adsmore House and Gardens of Princeton is decorated for the holidays, in its 25th anniversary of recreating Christmas Eve 1901 with decorations, music on the graphophone, and the table set with best china. Adsmore is at 304 North Jefferson in Princeton, open Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 4 and Sunday 1:30 to 4.

This week University of Louisville’s Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin lectures at Murray State from his recent publication “The Prince of Evolution.” It’s about Russian Prince Peter Kropotkin, an early international celebrity whose interests were anarchism and the cooperation between animals and humans. The Dugatkin lecture starts at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Mason Hall Auditorium.

See details at, where there’s a world of information. Thanks.