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the morning cram [show me the money edition]

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The unemployment rate in the US has fallen to its lowest level in three years.

NPR reports last month’s surge in hiring helped to drive unemployment to 8.5%. Here’s hoping those people will be allowed to keep their jobs and their extra cash.

Kentucky~  Paducah City Commissioner Watkins announces his run for the 3rd district seat. Former McCracken county humane society workers arraigned for inhumane euthanasia. The Dorena-Hickman ferry is nearly done with its retrofit. Life is about to get better for Goldfish in Owensboro. No state department is safe from upcoming budget cuts. Beshear has appointed a group to study tax reform. A Connecticut hedge fund linked to Kentucky Retirement accounts has failed.


the morning cram [a new beginning edition]

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A new government in Myanmar is making changes…slowly.

NPR reports following a military take over in March, Myanmar is beginning to open itself to the outside world, and claims to be making changes for the good of its people.

The VA is turning its attention to women.

Kentucky~ Another plant is shutting down, this time in Paducah.

Tennessee~ Titan Tire bought the Goodyear plant (does this mean jobs?).