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the morning cram [the airborne toxic event]

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The EPA has a ‘watch list’ of toxic air polluters that’s longer than you might think.

NPR reports a newly revealed watch list of toxic polluters shows air pollution is still a huge problem, over 40 years after the passage of the Clean Air Act.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ There are more Murray State students than ever. The Fonz is comin to Kentucky (Aaay!!).  Beshear is pullin for dems. University Hospital in Louisville wants to keep some things private.

Missouri~ There’s fertile land in Bird’s Point now.

Tennessee~ There’s a Union City safe room. There’s a video to teach you how to get a picture ID.


the morning cram [crowded house edition]

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The Human population just hit seven billion this morning.

NPR reports just two centuries after the world population was 1 billion, we’ve now hit the 7 mark. Some are worried about overpopulation while others contend many hands make light work.

Kentucky~     Some local Amish really don’t like that orange warning sign. Fulton is trying to take out the trash.   OVC football scores are in. The Department of Education wants to track alternative schools. Gubernatorial candidates face off in their last debate tonight.

Tennessee~ The state is trying to figure out what to do with wild hogs (the animal, not the movie).

Illinois~  SIU is hosting Native American life and culture celebration. Elementary Schools are improving across the state.

morning cram [free science edition]

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President Obama last year ordered guidelines to protect the integrity of government research by preventing it from being altered or suppressed for political purposes.

~NPR reports the new precedent could be released today.

KENTUCKY~ Calloway County students have to make up for a snow day Monday. The AP names MSU’s school record-breaking wide receiver to the All-American 2nd Team. Police arrested the woman thought to have attacked the wife of Hopkinsville’s mayor earlier this week. Paducah cops bust 2 for mobile methlab. Ed Whitfield is now on the US House Energy subcommittee. There’s hope for the area’s financially illiterate. Will giving out playing cards plastered with missing persons and murder victims to inmates help solve cold cases?

TENNESSEE~ APSU Police arrest a Dickson woman for (allegedly) hording a huge child porn collectionMen’s Basketball: APSU < Memphis. Dunbar Cave park officials want to grind up your used Christmas tree for mulch. The state’s unemployment rate stays the (unchanged) course and officials aren’t sure when the newest tax revenue estimates will be released.

morning cram [edge edition]

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The Pew Research Center’s final pre-election poll is out, and (no surprise) it finds the GOP will likely recapture control of the House.

~NPR hears how independent voters may be pushing Republicans over the edge this election.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah Schools’ property buyout extravaganza: 7 down, 24 to go. The National Park Service meets in Paducah tonight to talk about extending the Lewis & Clark trail. A wreck on I-24 covers the roadway in lactose. A Marshall County grand jury indicts a man on DUI-murder charges. Local officials will break out the shovels today for the construction of Murray’s Merryman House. PSC: natural gas prices should hover around last year’s. The state launches a new child ID initiative to protect kids. Jack and Rand are still running around ahead of tomorrow’s election.

TENNESSEE~ A Henry County jury finds a man guilty of vehicular homicide in connection to a Paris Landing DUI boating accident. A car hit and killed a pedestrian in Clarksville over the weekend.

OVC Football~ MSU < EKU, APSU < EIU, & UTM > Lambuth.

morning cram [stevens’ regret edition]

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The 90-year-old justice retired this summer. During a lengthy and wide-ranging interview, John Paul Stevens says he regrets one vote: his 1976 vote to uphold the death penalty.

~NPR has more.

KENTUCKY~ Demolition work begins @ Paducah’s Big E. The city of Oak Grove sues Christian County‘s Board of Education. An MSU student dies in a fatal weekend car wreck. A local union and the environmental cleanup company ink a 4-year Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant contract. Another Fort Campbell hero dies in an IED attack. State education officials meet this week to figure out how to change the state’s assessment system. Jack and Rand star in a nationally televised Fox News debate.

TENNESSEE~ A sleeping teen driver hits/kills Clarksville man. The Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation throws over a quarter-million dollars to the state’s Chamber of Commerce to increase college completion rates. Democratic candidate for governor McWherter says (if necessary) he would change up how much the state’s lottery goes to scholarships.

OVC SPORTS~ (Football) MSU < JSU, UTM > TTU. (Soccer) MSU = APSU, UTM > JSU.

morning cram [clunkin’ edition]

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A study finds the government’s ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program boosted auto sales by 360,000 during its two month run, but in the following seven months sales were down that same number.

~NPR breaks down what that implies.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken’s planned consolidated high school may already be too small. Two (alleged) thieves admit they used a doggy door to break into a home. The state plans to email overseas absentee ballots. Many counties are (officially) in a drought. The lawsuit seeking an injunction on state worker furloughs is DENIED.

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County’s Sheriff implements a massive personnel overhaul. Blue Cross / Blue Shield may cut 100 jobs. TVA gets a pat on the back for its economic development efforts.

SPORTS~ The football season begins! MSU < KSU; APSU > CU.